Tuesday, April 22, 2014

YouTube Channel Profile Series: SBD TV

It's now time for this month's YouTube Channel Profile, as we continue our monthly feature series on the YouTube channels most likely to pique the interest of local metal & hard rock fans! As usual, this series focuses on 1-3 randomly selected YouTube channels, in order to profile and promote their content and videos and encourage you to check them out and subscribe to them! This month's featured channel is our first of just one from Sault Ontario in 5 months, but grunge fans from the early 2010s will want to pay attention, so here's our newest profile!
SBD TV (http://www.youtube.com/sbdxtv)

Owner: Former SBD & No Arrow frontman Dann Pichette

Channel Timeline: Launched on March 9th, 2010; Videos posted from that day through August 3rd of that year

Channel Summary: The official YouTube channel for defunct local experimental hard rock/grunge trio SBD, the No Arrow successors only actively updated it during their peak activity in mid-2010, posting no less than 57 videos there in just under 5 months (though it should be noted that 34 of them are under a minute in length.) The channel's first 25 videos are from jam sessions in the spring of 2010 (including their heavily fragmented 16 part "Rock Paper Scissors" series), and they were followed by 30 videos from their May 7th show at Foggy Notions (now Coch's Corner), featuring a mixture of full songs, trippy post-effects, and brief clips. The band's last two uploads that August were studio covers of Syd Barrett material.

Why Should You Watch: Fans should check out SBD's channel for the best surviving source of their live material, even if the high amount of short clips is a bit much to manage for the casual fan. SBD had a nice blend of alternative hard rock and 1960s psychedelia that might have been a couple years early for the maximum local impact, so don't sleep on the video postings here! Note however that original studio tracks from their album "Sonic Experiments" are not featured on this channel, but assorted studio recordings from it and other projects can be streamed at their Soundclick page. Also as a subscriber warning, note that this channel has not been actively used since SBD fell inactive in 2011.

Our Recommended Videos To Check Out:

SBD - Lemme Get A Full Beer Over Here: One of the few substantial original clips from SBD's spring 2010 jam session uploads, this video from May 4th features frontman Dann Pichette, bassist Brad Griffith (Sounds From The Green Room), and drummer Shane Triplett (The Chintzy Slicks) playing their lengthy original song "Lemme Get A Full Beer Over Here", which solidly captures their marriage of grunge and experimental rock! The guys have a fun instrumental jam here, with effective tight camera angles and a nice free-flowing essence, though the pace and energy does largely slow down in the latter half. Keep an eye out for Dann playing the guitar with a drumstick as well early in the video!

SBD - POW! Right In The Kisser (live): Some of the most unique recent local hard rock concert videos came from the Foggy's show that May that SBD filmed, which they largely filtered in post-production with mirroring and kaleidoscope effects (such as on their song "Fractal Liquid/Into The Unknown"), along with various short clips of random goings on at the event, including intermission footage, and even a busking acoustic performer outside of the venue! Though well known for lengthy instrumentals, vocals were also featured on covers of the likes of Pink Floyd and Link Wray, and on a few originals like their mosh pit kickstarter "It Just Won't Work" and the featured "POW! Right In The Kisser", which (despite low vocal audibility) has SBD's trademark classic sound with an alternative bent!

SBD - Jugband Blues (Pink Floyd/Syd Barrett Cover):  As Dann Pichette is a long time fan and admirer of early Pink Floyd and founding member Syd Barrett, SBD frequently covered Pink Floyd songs like "Scream Thy Last Scream" & "Matilda Mother" in live concerts. The last uploads on SBD's channel that August were studio covers of Syd Barrett compositions, including of his solo song "Terrapin" and the channel's most popular posting, Pink Floyd's "Jugband Blues". An effective cover featuring a photo of Syd overlaid with film grain and changing colours, the song makes nice use of echoing vocal effects and a clear respect for the original material, though Dann did admit that the vocals were loud in the mix. Fans of 1960s-era Pink Floyd should be interested to check out SBD's take on their material though!

I hope you guys liked this month's YouTube Channel Profile! Next month in this series, and through completely random selection, we'll look at a single Sault Michigan channel for a second time in three months, as next month's profile will be on 415E/ex-Nixxon Dixxon guitarist Chris Hubbard's YouTube channel, which has a nice sampling of his Van Halen covers and gear, so look out for that on or around May 22nd, and for a new news post on the site shortly! Thanks everyone!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Dank Fest 2014 Concert Review!!

Finally, it's now time for our review of Saturday night's Dank Fest 2014, and I apologize again for the delay, but the slow video uploads and such pushed it back. Before we get to the bands, just some info on the event itself, including a notable band drop out, as advertised headliners TheKillingField dropped out of the event on short notice due to scheduling conflicts, though members didn't elaborate on that front. Very disappointing, especially as two shots at a local show fell through in a four month span, but they've always been great to the Soo, so hopefully the bad luck ends and they do play here at some point soon again! They were not replaced, so Dank Fest fell to 11 bands from the 14 it was originally intended to have. I had a sinking feeling that the original planned lineup wouldn't hold together, but we still got a huge bang for our buck! The weather mostly co-operated, but the talk of sausages being barbequed behind The Oddfellows Hall didn't come to fruition. The attendance varied as the day went on, but it peaked in the early evening for The Pixo Control and Like Animals' sets, and while I do get the timing of the event for 4:20, competing with the Easter weekend and Record Store Day may have affected the turnout. The fan activity was lively though, and there were some solid pits!

After a 45 minute delay (possibly due to TheKillingField's dropout?), Dank Fest kicked off with the former Like Father Like Son, local/Ottawa indie rock band The North Shore (replacing Viva Emptiness), though returning drummer Felipe Basoalto couldn't make the event, so frontman Jeremy Hannah and new guitarist Chase Wigmore played as a duo. Though clear outliers compared to the death metal and hard rock to come, Jeremy's a former local hardcore singer and promoter, and Chase brought a bit of the aggression for their set, which really struck me as a clash of two styles. While Jeremy was playing to his recent strengths in unplugged indie material, Chase's guitar work seemed like it belonged with a different heavier band, and it was an interesting contrast. Once you got past that though, The North Shore provided a nice softer beginning for this show, and they definitely seemed happy to be there, so hopefully we see more of them in the future, especially given how sporadic Jeremy's local gigs have been lately!

Second on Saturday were local all-female hard rockers The Danger Cats, and though the rumours of them dropping out were false, they also played short-handed due to guitarist Paula Panther being away on vacation. With her absence, their set seemed a bit more deliberate and not as lively, though I'm sure part of that was due to playing in the late afternoon. A mix of originals like "Call Me" and covers of bands like The Misfits, The Offspring, and L7 populated their 8 song set, and while the energy of their full quartet sets wasn't fully there, the talent was, with Kate Kougar's singing effective when audible (she was often low in the mix though), and Jamie Jaguar's bass flowed well also! That said, they're most effective with two guitarists, so be sure to catch the Die Mannequin show they're opening in June for the full Danger Cats experience!

Third was supposed to be the return of local funk/metal trio The Strange Coyotes, but bassist James Watterworth couldn't make the event (if they have a new drummer yet, he didn't play either), so frontman Chase Wigmore played a solo set in their place. That said, he didn't stick to just his solo material though, performing a lot of harsh metal songs that probably would have been indicative of The Strange Coyotes's set had they played this show! Included within were some surprising acoustic covers of Megadeth songs (and even Del Shannon's "Runaway") along with some band and solo originals, and Chase definitely held our attention with his high energy and creativity, even almost looking possessed at points during his set! It was nice to see Chase back on stage, even if the rest of the band was absent, but his entertaining solo work got a lot of people going, even inciting the day's first mosh pit, which is impressive for acoustic material!

Due to having to get back on the road early, Orillia metal trio Like Animals swapped spots with The Pixo Control to play the earlier fourth slot at Dank Fest, and 3 years after dropping out of a show at The Rosie, they definitely made up for lost time with an impressive progressive metal set! Is it surprising that they were the first band on Saturday with no absent members? Playing to some of the day's best crowd numbers, Like Animals tore through a technical and aggressive blend of progressive and hardcore metal, and fans definitely seemed to enjoy everything! Playing a number of impressive songs (including songs from their new EP "The Wild"), I enjoyed Jamie Haffenden's guitar ability and singing range, and Myke Caouette's bass work and enthusiasm was a constant, but Jamie could show some more liveliness to match their songs. Impressive first stop in the Soo though, hopefully they come back down the road!

Following them was the Oddfellows Hall debut of local alternative/hard rock trio The Pixo Control (our newest addition to our band links on the site), and after a successful Record Store Day set outside of The Rad Zone, the guys amped up the heaviness and left a solid impression on attendees! I was familiar with some of their YouTube postings and frontman Michael Mikus' past work with The Fever Tops, but The Pixo Control definitely benefit from a live setting for their grungy alt-rock sound, which had a solid passion, and they can be very heavy on the right song, including tracks like "Land of the Moles" and "Tall Ships". Michael seemed to channel Kurt Cobain at parts in their set, while Steve Edwards showed some solid bass skill, and Keeghan Rosso's drumming fit right in as well, and though they did have some rough moments, they're young and will definitely shore up those areas. I'm curious to see where The Pixo Control go from here, but if you love bands like Haggith and No Arrow, don't sleep on these guys!

Local hardcore/grunge duo Bad Back returned to The Oddfellows Hall as the night's middle band, and they were back to their usual tricks with an intense and well received set of original material, complete with a very surprising closing cover of Weezer's "Buddy Holly"! Originals like "Lung Bucket", "Breeding Weak", and "No. 1 Single" also made the rounds, and like at earlier gigs of theirs, the two-man assault got a very enthusiastic reception! They still don't really sound like a duo, their sound works that well, and Jamie Vincent (a.k.a. AlgomA drummer Geezer D'Artagnan) continues to develop a very solid presence as a hardcore singer and frontman! Nathan Sauve's drumming and backup vocals also fit as well as ever on this very heavy hybrid material! If anything, I'd like to see Jamie loosen up a bit on stage, but Bad Back powered through another brutal set, and hopefully we see them on stage again soon!

Local goregrind solo project Crucify The Whore (replacing Brutaly Fatal & Re-Born) took the stage next, and while still polarizing for fans not accustomed to this style or the lyrical content, Tyler "Ringsnaps" Gibson handled things well for an unapologetic and very heavy set of original material! Like before, his set saw him on pig squeal vocals & lead guitar with a drum machine to handle backing rhythm, and despite the minimalistic nature, he has a solid command of the audience, and loyal fans of Blood Shed Productions were out in full force to mosh and headbang along to originals like "Orthostatic Hypertension", "People These Days", and the ultra-brief "Batch Cones". Tyler's music definitely fits live better than it ever has in studio, and while I do think he'd rise faster locally if he had a full band to support this material, he's doing what he wants for fans who love it no matter what, and it'll be interesting to hear what comes next, including the forthcoming C.T.W. album "Welcome To Earth"!

Local sludge/doom metal trio AlgomA made their Oddfellows Hall debut next, and their slow and crushing original sound definitely got a great reaction from fans who stayed into the night! Lengthy and uncompromising songs like "Extinct Volcanoes" and "Bedsores" impressed on musical and heavy levels, and I like the added interaction with the audience and less aloof feel than they had at early gigs, though I'll admit that 180 Projects is probably the optimal place to see them, thanks to the video projector (they even used 3D glasses for it at the Skynet show!) Darby Wigwaus & Marty Chase's trade-off vocals and proficiently deliberate instrumentation kept things to a doomy premium, and their set definitely went by quicker than it was (the long songs help with that.) No word was announced at Dank Fest relating to their upcoming debut album, but their set should put in motion a lot of optimism for it's release!

Third last at Dank Fest were the de facto headliners following TheKillingField's exit, as North Bay death metal trio Buried Out Back made their second local appearance on Saturday night, after previously rocking The Canadian in mid-2012! Once again featuring a number of songs based around murderers (as to be seen on their upcoming album) like "The Prostitute" and "The Recluse", Buried Out Back brutalized attendees with a straight forward and gritty (yet melodic) death metal assault that was at least equal to their last trip here! Frontman Dave Strba (of Empyrean Plague fame) retains a brutal yet clear growl, and Kevin Lachance's drum work was excellent throughout their set, though I think they were hoping for more of a crowd reaction and reception throughout. Awesome set though, and fingers crossed we get more North Bay metal action around here soon!

The home stretch of this marathon show kicked off with local classic metal quintet Project 421, who were surprisingly the only band out of 11 at Dank Fest with more than 3 members! Coincidentally, the biggest band also seemingly got the biggest set, as they rocked out 13 songs, including their original "No One Rides For Free", covers of everyone from Black Sabbath to Dokken, and even some surprise Ronnie James Dio tracks that really showed off Curtis McKenzie's vocal range, which was particularly impressive early on (perhaps the best he's sounded live yet), but while "The Mob Rules" was great, his voice tired considerably by the time they tackled "Rainbow In The Dark". Aside from a hang-up where guitarist Blair Burch had to fix a guitar string (they added a surprise cover of "Smokin' In The Boys Room" in the interim), the guys made full use of their time and the space, with Daniel Horton really adding to his height with some mid-song climbs up the stage equipment! Everyone was on fire, and they delivered a solid late punch to the show!

Unfortunately, the length of Project 421's set may have impaired the closing set for local goregrind duo Rotopsy, who initially announced that they couldn't play, despite being the effective release show for their demo. I heard that both time constraints and a mosh pit injury of some type may have been the reason, but things worked out, as Rotopsy were apparently able to play 2 of their 5 planned songs to cap off the night! That said, I had no idea that they would manage to play anyway, so I'd actually left before that announcement, but at least we got to see singer Dylan Taylor provide guest vocals on one of Crucify The Whore's songs! We'll of course share any media from their brief set if and when it makes it online. Overall, despite the length and my own sore feet by the last few bands, this was a fun concert, and a nice primer for the Swampstravaganza next month (another marathon concert at The Oddfellows Hall that Rotopsy are playing), and despite the band dropouts, I think promoters and fans had a good time!

I got 10 photos of each band (minus Rotopsy, I'll make it up to you guys next month!), so check them out at this link or at our Facebook page! As for videos, they're embedded below (albeit smaller to avoid making this post far too long), but click here to see them in normal resolution. In order, here's The North Shore playing their song "Evening Strolls", The Danger Cats covering The Misfits' "Fiend Club", Chase Wigmore covering Megadeth's "Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good!", Like Animals playing their song "No Avail", The Pixo Control playing their song "The Great Salute to Radio Edits", Bad Back playing "Drum My Way Home", Crucify The Whore playing their short song "Seshing In June Bugs" followed by a new untitled track, AlgomA playing "The Electric Fence", Buried Out Back playing "The Intruder", and Project 421 covering Judas Priest's "Living After Midnight", so check them out above & below!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for this month's YouTube Channel Profiles tomorrow, plus more news soon, including all the info on Jack Spades' newly released EP! Thanks everyone!

A New Local Hard Rock Band, Plus Shit Liver's Album Release!!

I know many of you guys are expecting our review of Saturday night's Dank Fest, and it's coming, but I thought I'd put a new news post up first just to keep things rolling, as yesterday was a lost day due to uploading 10 videos (which can be a slow process with Facebook.) Also, I know that Jack Spades' album saw it's digital release yesterday too, but as I don't want it to get buried in this post, we'll give it full coverage in our next news post to give it proper attention (pick it up at this link though, it sounds great!) Now, we have another local album release and a new band to mention, so here's what you need to know!

We're pleased to officially add newer local alternative/grunge trio The Pixo Control to our official coverage on the SMS! Though active since October of last year, we had stalled a bit due to many of their older song postings and shows being acoustic and softer in tone, but as you saw at Dank Fest on Saturday night, they rock hard and have enough aggression to go around! Originally named Junkie Nation, their lineup features Fever Tops frontman Michael Mikus on vocals & guitar, Steve Edwards (who replaced Anthony Marcello) on bass, and Social Suicide alum Keeghan Rosso on drums, and some fans may recognize them from a number of appearances at Superior Heights Collegiate's Funnplugged concert series since their December live debut. In the past two months, they've also played a number of dates at Gusto's Bar & Grill in the Wellington Square Mall, while the guys also rocked the east end mall on Saturday afternoon before Dank Fest as part of The Rad Zone's Record Store Day festivities.

We'll cover full thoughts on their Dank Fest set tonight, but if you like bands like Haggith and No Arrow, The Pixo Control should fit right in! They already have a solid slate of original recordings via Michael's YouTube channel, including original songs like "Quick Little Quarter" and "Tall Ships", plus Michael's solo material and some older Fever Tops songs, and there's a nice freewheeling alternative sound that definitely benefits in a live setting with an audience, but they tone things down well for softer settings. There are some rough patches at times, but they have a solid sound and energy, and as they're still young, they have plenty of time to shore up things! In fact, they already got some recent press via the new episode of Local2's web series Tuned with Donna Hopper, which leads off with Record Store Day interviews with The Rad Zone's Paul Muncaster & Evan Belleau (a.k.a. Garden of Bedlam's bassist) and store patrons (including Toronto radio host & Saultite Andrew Keachie), so be sure to check those out if you're love vinyl, as it's a huge day every April 19th!

A short clip before the episode-capping bloopers covers The Pixo Control's aforementioned Record Store Day set, which definitely shows some Nirvana influence in the featured songs, though it'd have been nice to have some interview clips with them. Another solid episode of Tuned (there's also some rap footage and non-metal concert calendar mentions midway through), but for some new full live footage of The Pixo Control, here's the guys live at Superior Heights earlier this month playing their song "Land of the Moles"! Far camera angle and scratchy audio, but it has a folksy alternative nature that works well, so check it out below!

Finally, no less than two local metal albums came out yesterday (adding to Rotopsy's demo EP from Friday, it was a huge weekend on that front), and one was the expected release of Shit Liver's self-titled debut album! Two years after sessions began, the local/St. Catharines grimecore trio posted digital copies of their self-titled album to their new Bandcamp page yesterday, as well as posting streaming copies of the album (in individual song & full album files) onto their YouTube channel. This is the final cover (the full artwork can be seen here), and the half hour album features 15 songs (more than previously indicated), and they are "You're Scared", "Shit Liver", "Sooer Livin'", "Hellen Kellers", "Shift Liver", "Pennotration", "(Friendly Old) Uncle Joe", "Fabricated Nonsense", "It's Not My Problem", "Survival of the Shittest", "Hateroleum", "Or What", "Contribute or Perish", "Drowning In Shit", and "Shit Will Prevail", with "Liverated" and old OBCD covers like "You Speak of Weak" as notable omissions.

The band said on their Facebook page yesterday that a physical release is delayed due to the holiday weekend (no word on possible release shows), but the Bandcamp digital copy is available on a "name your price" model (a'la Insipid Brutality's album), so you can pay nothing or anything you want! Though it's a little odd that they don't credit their local ties much on Bandcamp (or list any album credits there), it's great to finally see Shit Liver's album come out, as it's been far too long! Check out the full album's YouTube posting below, and pick it up at the above links, or keep posted for news on local physical availability!

That's all for now, but stay tuned TONIGHT for our Dank Fest review, plus this month's YouTube Channel Profiles tomorrow, and full coverage of Jack Spades' EP release and more in our next full news post! Thanks everyone!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (The Great Sabatini & Glitch), A New Local Band Page, And A New Song!!

Before we get to the meat of this post, just a late notice reminder that the announced Tym Morrison show TONIGHT at The Harp has been pre-empted due to an Easter weekend set from prolific local musician Jay Case & friends, but Tym will be back on his new usual double bookings there next weekend! Today's post features a new original song from an upcoming album, LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS for the next while, and first, a long awaited local band's online page launch, so here's what you need to know!

It took a breakup and reunion for it to happen, but local acid jam/hard rock band Mike Haggith & The Din finally have their own official Facebook page! Launched last May before breaking up in October (and then reuniting in January), fans may best remember this band from appearances at last July's second Bushplane Musical Madness event, along with being a late addition for Heavy North Entertainment's Oddfellows Hall show in January, plus various private events in 2013. Not solely a live concert outlet for Mike Haggith's own solo material, him and The Din play a free-flowing and often improvised brand of music that takes from various genres across widely varying song lengths, as seen on their four free "albums" ("Perpetual Musings", "Chaotic Symphony", the live "Despite The Insects...", and the half-finished "Dinner With The President".) Their new Facebook page confirms that their current lineup features (but isn't limited to) 5 members, similarly to the variable collective lineup of Sault Michigan's Highest of Fives.

Mike and drummer Daniel Horton are now joined by founding bassist Curtis McKenzie, newer bassist Tyler "Ringsnaps" Gibson, and returning saxophonist James Watterworth, though keep in mind that everyone in the band is multi-talented, so members can cover other instruments if need be. Also, note that the cover photo features a Haggith jam session, not The Din, so don't be confused by Caleb Cachagee's appearance there. It's great to finally see a Din Facebook page, so stay tuned for new updates from this unique band, they're now in our active band links, and hopefully we see them live again in the near future!

Next up, we have some LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS for the coming months, starting with a surprising new gig from local classic/hard rock quartet Glitch, as they're apparently playing at the OLG Casino at 30 Bay Street West one week from today on April 26th! Apologies for the short notice, guitairist Marco Pedalino announced the show on their Facebook group three weeks ago but it slipped through the cracks since then. In that post, he said info was to be announced, but as we're still waiting, I thought I'd help get the word out! The local Sault Ontario casino has never been a frequent concert venue for heavier shows, so I'm not familiar with it for our purposes, but they have both the Northern Gateway Restaurant and Bivouac Bar on site, so I'd have to assume Glitch's show will be at one of the two areas. Hopefully we get some more info by then (including on a possible cover charge), but a 10:00 PM start time and 19+ age limit are likely. This should be an interesting diversion though for this talented veteran outfit, so stay tuned for updates!

Also in new concerts is the newest metal show from local concert promoter Jamie Vincent and Oh! Right Arm! Promotions, as they're bringing back Montreal doom/grind quartet The Great Sabatini for a headlining show at The Moose Lodge on Tuesday, June 10th! Last seen at the former Foggy Notions in April 2011, this band left a solid impression with their classic-influenced and very sludgy sound, and hopefully fans welcome them back with open arms after 3 years away from our area! The local openers include local sludge/doom metal trio AlgomA in their first announced show since TONIGHT'S Dank Fest (and first ever Moose Lodge appearance), while a debuting local band named Habitat Shuffle are advertised to open this show. At present, there's no public information on them beyond a confirmation from AlgomA's Darby Wigwaus that they're "awesome", so we'll have to see if anything leaks out before showtime, or if they're operating under intended secrecy until then. This ALL AGES concert (Jamie's second at The Moose Lodge in under a month) has a 7:00 PM start time and an $8 cover charge at the door. For more details, visit the official Facebook event page, and stay tuned for more on this promisingly brutal summer show!

Finally for today, we come full circle with some more Mike Haggith updates, as the prolific local musician posted the first finished studio track from his upcoming 48th solo album "A Place Of Our Own" onto his YouTube channel yesterday! Entitled "Let Me In", it was projected to be the album's first song, but as we've learned, his albums often see late order and song changes, so it remains to be seen if it still is. As we do hope to review "A Place Of Our Own" on the site, I'll hold thoughts on the song until review time, but it does have an orchestral rock base, and isn't as soft as some of his recent solo work, so give it a look below, and stay tuned for more on Mike's album plans!

That's all for today, but I'll see you guys in a few hours at The Oddfellows Hall for Dank Fest! Thanks everyone!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Last Month's Poll Results & Our Poll On Your Favourite Metal Concerts Of 2013!!

For our second post of the day, we're closing down last month's poll and launching our last of our "favourite _____ of 2013" polls, though they're very much linked! As you may remember, last month's poll posed this question to you guys: What was your favourite local metal/hard rock concert in the second half of 2013? We scored a solid 48 votes, much higher than in the early 2013 poll from last July, but possibly indicative of the stronger concert lineup from July and after, so thanks to everyone for voting! The final results from last month are below, so check them out, and give our extended preview of TOMORROW NIGHT'S Dank Fest a look in the post below this one!

Dayglo Abortions at The Rosie on September 9th (12 votes, 25%)
Haggith at The Algonquin Pub on December 7th (8 votes, 17%)
The Bear Hunters at The Oddfellows Hall on October 30th (6 votes, 13%)
Frightlight at The Roosevelt Hotel on August 1st (6 votes, 13%)
The Ripcordz at The Roosevelt Hotel on October 26th (5 votes, 10%)
Other (3 votes, 6%)
Bunchofuckingoofs at The Roosevelt Hotel on August 12th (2 votes, 4%)
Bam Margera at The Canadian on December 14th (1 vote, 2%)
Biipiigwan at The Moose Lodge on November 24th  (1 vote, 2%)
Airbourne at The Canadian Nightclub on August 19th  (1 vote, 2%)
Swampstravaganza III at Oddfellows Hall on August 10th  (1 vote, 2%)
Oddzfest 2013 at The Oddfellows Hall on July 26th (1 vote, 2%)
The Golers at The Roosevelt Hotel on July 4th (1 vote, 2%)
The Creepshow at The Rosie on September 16th (0 votes)
 The Hydra's Teeth at The Algonquin on September 20th (0 votes)
Ray Brown Benefit at The Verdi Hall on October 11th (0 votes)
Crash Karma at The Rockstar Bar on October 18th (0 votes)
Diemonds at The Algonquin Pub on November 21st (0 votes)
Amy Ellis Benefit at The Canadian on November 23rd (0 votes)
Toystock at The Canadian Nightclub on December 1st (0 votes)
Garden of Bedlam at The Algonquin on December 27th (0 votes)

What do you guys think? In ascending order, I'm most surprised that no one voted for Garden of Bedlam or The Hydra's Teeth's late-2013 headlining dates (or any of the benefit events), but it all depends who votes. Oddly, all July-August shows in the poll got at least one, which is a great sign for last year's summer slate of concerts! I'm surprised that all of the 1 vote choices that tied for eighth didn't get more love (particulary Airbourne & Bam Margera), while the BFGs show's 7th place finish with 2 votes made sense. I can't speak for the three "Other" voters, but the top 5 shows are all deserving in their own right! The Ripcordz' Halloween party was a smashing success, Frightlight's benefit for Mike Gingras' short film was well recieved, the Devil's Night show at The Oddfellows Hall was huge for many of our younger metalheads, and Haggith's farewell show was definitely a bang to go out on! However, the winner of this poll with 12 votes and 25% of the final total was the Dayglo Abortions show at The Rosie last September, which is slightly surprising given the rainstorm that severely affected the turnout, but fans who braved the weather were rewarded for sure!

Thanks to everyone for voting, but we're not quite done! As promised, once we had winning choices for each of our half-year polls on your favourite concerts of 2013, we'd combine the top vote getters into one winner-take-all final poll, so with that in mind, I'll pose this question: What was your favourite local metal/hard rock concert of 2013? As only 19 individual shows got votes in the polls, we'll combine them all for this one (plus "Other"), and they include 7 from January-June and 12 from July-December. No concerts that didn't make either poll or get a vote in them are included, but if you want to cast a belated vote for them, you do have "Other"! Now, here's a refresher on each of your choices for our last of the 2013 polls!

Bands: 40 Sons
Venue: The Rockstar Bar
Date: February 28th
, 2013
After a three year absence from local concert dates, local concert promoter J.D. Pearce brought Hamilton hard rock quartet 40 Sons back to the Soo (this time at The Rockstar Bar) for their first of two local shows this year, and they received high praise for their talents, energy, and professionalism following this concert! Was 40 Sons' first Soo stop your favourite of the past year?

Bands: The Suicide Kings, Haggith, The Pesto Shirts, The Bear Hunters, Late & Loud, Giwakwa, The Northern Tragedy, Sarah's Valley, and Sykotyk Rampage
Venue: The Rockstar Bar
Date: April 3rd, 10th, 17th, and 24th
, 2013
The biggest Sault Ontario battle of the bands of 2013 (and the winner of our early 2013 poll) saw 9 acts battle across four consecutive Wednesdays last April, with local hard rockers The Suicide Kings claiming victory in the finals, and wild cards Haggith & The Pesto Shirts outperforming their initial sets to make the podium! Notably featuring many Rockstar Bar debuts, the return of Free Beer under the Sarah's Valley name, and Late & Loud's last concerts before falling inactive, was the Rockstar Bar Battle of the Bands tops to you in 2013?

Bands: The Ripcordz, Destroilet, and T-Rex Manning
Venue: The Algonquin Pub
Date: April 13th
, 2013
Almost 6 years after last hitting Sault Ontario, Montreal hardcore punk legends The Ripcordz made a triumphant return with a well attended and very entertaining concert at The Algonquin Pub on April 13th, inciting some solid pits and intensity! Also featuring local talent from T-Rex Manning and the first live set from Destroilet in over 2 years, was The Ripcordz' 2013 local show your favourite of the year?

Bands: Jack Spades, T-Rex Manning, Haggith, The Bear Hunters, The Suicide Kings, Greg Callaghan, and Crimson Crusade
Venue: The Canadian Nightclub
Date: May 20th
, 2013
Local concert promoter & singer J.D. Pearce held The Crusade, a cancer fundraising concert on May 20th featuring a wide array of local metal and punk talent, including a rare headlining set from T-Rex Manning, Crimson Crusade's first show in over 6 months, and the surprise debut of J.D.'s new band Jack Spades! Lots of money was raised for the cause, but did you enjoy the music more than at other shows?

Bands: Skeletonwitch, Caym, The Bear Hunters, and Crimson Crusade
Venue: The Canadian Nightclub
Date: June 3rd
, 2013
Perhaps the biggest metal show in scope to hit Sault Ontario in early 2013, Ohio blackened thrash metallers Skeletonwitch took over The Canadian on June 3rd with Toronto openers Caym in tow for the action! Also featuring local death metal openers The Bear Hunters and Crimson Crusade (who released their debut EP that night), this show had a great response, but was it your favourite?

Bands: The Golers, Destroilet, and AlgomA
Venue: The Roosevelt Hotel
Date: June 20th
, 2013
Vancouver crossover thrash quartet The Golers came to The Rosie with a purpose on June 20th, and they rocked an intense and very entertaining set for local fans in their first of two stops in Sault Ontario this summer! Also featuring the Rosie debuts (and second 2013 dates) of Destroilet & AlgomA, did The Golers' first Soo concert top early 2013 in your eyes?

Bands: Striker, Frightlight, The Bear Hunters, and Giwakwa
Venue: The Roosevelt Hotel
Date: June 25th
, 2013
June went out with a bang as Edmonton speed metallers Striker impressed everyone in attendance with their proficient originals that definitely called to mind the 1980s (hence that night's costume contest!) Also featuring Frightlight's first show in 8 months and the last Rosie appearance from Josh Stephney of The Bear Hunters & Giwakwa, did this late-June concert top the last year in your opinion?

Bands: The Golers, Haggith, and The Northern Tragedy
Venue: The Roosevelt Hotel
Date: July 4th, 2013
Just two weeks after headlining at The Rosie, Vancouver crossover/thrash quartet The Golers returned for another well received and intense night of metal on the Fourth of July, with recent Rockstar Bar Battle competitors Haggith & The Northern Tragedy picking up where AlgomA and Destroilet left off as openers! Like the June show, The Golers' local encore was a hit, but was it your favourite 2013 event?

Bands: West of Hell, Bring The Fallen, The Bear Hunters, Shit Liver, James Watterworth, Giwakwa, and Crimson Crusade
Venue: The Oddfellows Hall
Date: July 26th
, 2013
Info: In honour of Bear Hunters guitarist Josh Stephney's impending move out of the Soo, he held Oddzfest 2013 Metal Mash-Up at The Oddfellows Hall on July 26th, which featured a one-off reunion of his death metal band Bring The Fallen, his last show with sludge metal quartet Giwakwa, and an explosive headlining set from Vancouver metal standouts West of Hell! Rain and a fire alarm threw wrenches into the fun, but was this huge show worth the trip?

Bands: Frightlight, The Bear Hunters, Redundant, and Chronic Demonic
Venue: The Roosevelt Hotel
Date: August
1st, 2013
Info: To raise funds for Frightlight bassist Mike "Eddie Fright" Gingras' then-upcoming short film "The Kid Who Made The Face", a benefit show was held on August 1st featuring an assortment of established local talent, plus a one song preview appearance by new local punk/metal band Chronic Demonic! The movie came out to positive reactions this year, but was the benefit your favourite from all of last year?

Bands: Warsenal, RedD Monkey, The Bear Hunters, Haggith, The Northern Tragedy, Sykotyk Rampage, James Watterworth, Crimson Crusade, and Guy Smith
The Oddfellows Hall
Date: August 10th, 2013
Info: The third annual Sewer Swampstravaganza went down last August, and despite inconsistent attendance and the late dropoff of Goatface Killa, fans were treated to a nice diverse lineup of local talent (covering everything from folk to death metal), with Montreal thrash trio Warsenal brutalizing in an explosive headlining set! A fourth installment kicks off next month, but was last year's Swampstravaganza tops to you?

Bands: The Bunchofuckingoofs, The Last of the V8 Interceptors, Destroilet, and Shit Liver
Venue: The Roosevelt Hotel
Date: August 12th
, 2013
Info: Hardcore punk fans at The Rosie were treated to another huge night of music on August 12th, when notorious Toronto favourites The Bunchofuckingoofs headlined this show alongside Victoria, B.C. trio The Last of the V8 Interceptors' first local stop of the year, and fans ate it up! Notably also featuring Shit Liver's last public date before moving to St. Catharines, was this your favourite show of this 12 month stretch?

Bands: Airbourne, Bleeker Ridge, Garden of Bedlam, and The Suicide Kings
Venue: The Canadian Nightclub
Date: August 19th
, 2013
Info: In one of the highest anticipated concerts of last summer, Australian hard rock standouts Airbourne made their Sault Ste. Marie debut in August to run wild all over The Canadian, with Orillia's own Bleeker Ridge finally getting a regional make-up date as well! Also featuring local hard rock standouts Garden of Bedlam and The Suicide Kings, this was a big success, but would you agree the most?

Bands: The Dayglo Abortions, The Last of the V8 Interceptors, Destroilet, Cross Dog, and Jack Spades
Venue: The Roosevelt Hotel
Date: September 9th
, 2013
Info: Despite a major rainstorm that flooded The Canadian, the show (which won our late 2013 poll) went on at The Rosie as Victoria, B.C.'s Dayglo Abortions made their long awaited return to Sault Ste. Marie for an intense night of hardcore punk brutality! A skilled lineup including local musician Mark Rand's new Peterborough trio Cross Dog opened the proceedings, and attendees who braved the weather had a ball, but were you among them?

Bands: The Ripcordz, Jack Spades, and Destroilet
Venue: The Roosevelt Hotel
Date: October 26th
, 2013
Info: Local promoter/Jack Spades frontman J.D. Pearce's long-running Halloween party moved from The Algonquin Pub to The Rosie last fall, and hosted an out of town band once again too, as Montreal hardcore punk legends The Ripcordz made their second local appearance of the year as the headliners! Though Frightlight couldn't play, Jack Spades & Destroilet kept the intensity rolling, but did you enjoy it the most?

Bands: The Bear Hunters, Crimson Crusade, Crucify The Whore, Rotopsy, Chase Wigmore, Project Legion, James Watterworth, and Brutaly Fatal
Venue: The Oddfellows Hall
Date: October 30th
, 2013
Info: Upstart independent label Blood Shed Productions and future Heavy North Entertainment owner Tyler St. Amour made their first public concert splash (outside of house parties) on Devil's Night last year with this all-local feast of death and grind metal, including many fans' first glimpses of Blood Shed acts! Notably featuring Crimson Crusade & Project Legion's last sets to date, was this show your favourite?

Bands: The Bear Hunters, Biipiigwan, and Bad Back
Venue: The Moose Lodge
Date: November 24th
, 2013
Info: A rare metal event at The Moose Lodge (excluding stag & does) took place on November 24th with Ottawa doom metal favourites Biipiigwan brutalizing at this all ages show, with The Bear Hunters and grungecore duo Bad Back bookending the festivities with their own well received sounds! Definitely a well received show, but was it your favourite of 2013?

Bands: Haggith, Sykotyk Rampage, The Danger Cats, Project 421, and The Strange Coyotes
Venue: The Algonquin Pub
Date: December 7th
, 2013
Info: Local grunge quartet and Rockstar Bar Battle runners-up Haggith surprisingly announced their breakup after this show last December, but they went out with a bang, playing some of their best songs for the occasion! Also featuring the debuts of members Daniel Horton & Mike Haggith's new bands to open the show, this was a bittersweet event, but was it your #1 last year?

Bands: Fuckface Unstoppable, Wilson, Destroilet, Jack Spades, and The Bear Hunters
Venue: The
Canadian Nightclub
Date: December 14th
, 2013
Info: Some fans didn't know what to expect when it came out that Bam Margera's band was rocking The Canadian last December, but it was a party & a half from his band Fuckface Unstoppable and openers Wilson, with skilled local support from Destroilet & Jack Spades as well! Notably featuring Viva La Battle winners The Bear Hunters (with the returning Josh Stephney in tow), was this your favourite show last year?

Other: Did another metal/hard rock-featured concert in Sault Ontario beat all of these? For reference, heavier bands like Aggressive Acoustic, Catgut, Caveman Morrison, Crued, Crush, Diemonds, For Those About To Rock, Glitch, Greber, Griphook, The Hydra's Teeth, Last Bullet, Late Shift, Loud Lazer, Lucky 13, Mama Kin, Mike Haggith & The Din, One Bad Son, Pillory, Punch, The Rabid Whole, Riding Shotgun, Sailor's Tongue, Skeyes of Seven, Sleep When You're Dead, Social Suicide, Soul Killing Female, Stiffler's Mom, Telephone & Address, The Thrill Junkies, Tym MorrisonWinkstinger, and Xanadu (among others) rocked the area at shows not mentioned above, along with extra shows featuring bands at some of the above concerts. Perhaps you preferred a show with no metal bands, or one in Sault Michigan, but if your preferred choice isn't listed above, vote for "Other"!

VOTE TODAY! You guys have until May 18th to cast your votes to determine the fan favourite metal/hard rock concert of 2013, and like before, I respectfully discourage band-ran campaigns to stuff the ballot for a given show. I want a fair and representative sampling from our readers, this isn't a popularity contest. Cast your votes A.S.A.P. above on the right, and I'll see you guys tomorrow at The Oddfellows Hall for Dank Fest! Thanks everyone!