Sunday, July 5, 2015

Ten Kings Updates, A Newer Tuned Episode, And New Video Finds!!

Before we kick off today's post, just an apology for yet another missed Mourning Wood concert, as the local classic/hard rock trio played at Reggie's West last night. The show wasn't plugged on their Facebook page, and frontman Terry Eaton's mention of it on his personal Facebook page came too late for us to post about it here (if they played Friday too, there was no visible mention of it.) Apologies again, we'd have plugged it if there was advance word! Now, today's post features some new video finds, some assorted updates, and first, big updates for an upcoming Sault Michigan show, so here's what you should know!

Local hard rock quartet Ten Kings have reportedly been added as late local openers for THIS FRIDAY'S Theory of a Deadman/Shaman's Harvest concert at The Dreammaker's Theatre at The Sault Michigan Kewadin Casino! While promoters Allstar Promotions have yet to confirm their involvement that I've seen, the band revealed that they'd be opening the show on their Facebook page on Thursday. This will be the band's biggest concert stage by far since their debut, but it won't be with their full lineup, as bassist Barney Gravelle will be out of town this coming weekend, and will be forced to miss the show. Unfortunate timing, but Ten Kings have a familiar replacement, as 415E guitarist Chris Hubbard will be filling in for Barney on Friday, which will reunite Chris with his former Nixxon Dixxon bandmate Brandon Carr! If you've missed Nixxon Dixxon in the past 5 years, this will be a nice treat, especially with their own past Dreammaker's Theatre experience!

There are tickets still available for this Friday's show from the third row & back for $36.50, so click here, call 1-800-KEWADIN, or visit the in person box office to get hooked up, and visit Allstar Promotions' Facebook page for details on how to enter to win backstage passes or a guitar from Theory of a Deadman! Stay tuned for our preview of this show later this week!

Next up, here's some info on one of the latest episodes of Local2's music webseries Tuned with Donna Hopper! Remember, Local2's video host doesn't allow external embedding, so I can't embed it below. Posted on June 25th, this episode is from last month's Lopstock II at LopLops Lounge (albeit separate from the previous Id Iota episode), and it is uniquely based around an audio recording of Donna interviewing Lopstock promoter/Gnaeus drummer Brendan Garlick, as set to still photos of Aldous, Id Iota, and Caroline Divine's sets, plus the poster and venue, with no substantial audio from the actual concert. In the interview, Brendan talks about why he created the event, what Lopstock brings to the table, why they broke the event into two distinct blocks with a break in between, and what he's hoping for future installments. It's a solid & informative listen, and it's well edited, but why only audio? Give the new Tuned episode a look above, and stay tuned for info on the next episode this week!

Also, while we wait for videos from Friday night's P.O.D. concert at the aforementioned Soo Kewadin, here's some videos of Traverse City metal trio Peril live at The Northern Pines Lounge at the St. Ignace Kewadin Casino! Uploaded to drummer/Bad Side alum Brooks Elliott's YouTube channel in March, these are the first Peril videos that I've seen from one of their Eastern U.P. gigs, and they include covers of Kid Rock's "So Hott", Loverboy's "Working For The Weekend", Winger's "Easy Come Easy Go", and as embedded below, Marilyn Manson's "The Beautiful People" (which Brooks uploaded twice.) Filmed by an uncredited attendee, the videos aren't bad, with Peril generally handling the covers well, but it is somewhat unexpected to hear a band cover both Marilyn Manson AND Loverboy in the same night! The videos are a little shaky, but Peril are on their game, and it's nice to finally see videos from a local concert! Give these Peril videos a look!

Finally for today's post, here's a new video from local hard rock/alternative trio The Pixo Control! A short video uploaded to their Instagram page last week, the video was apparently posted to mark the conclusion of the recording sessions for their debut album, with the video featuring bassist Steve Edwards' resemblance that day to AC/DC's Angus Young, and recording of hand claps for the album to be released. Great to see, so stay tuned for updates, and don't miss The Pixo Control in their Rotaryfest Second Stage debut in a few weeks!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for P.O.D. concert fallout and more this week! Thanks everyone!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (Fuck The Facts & The Man And His Machine), Plus More Recent Updates!!

Here's a new news post for your Saturday morning, including some assorted recent updates, overdue drummer notes from a June concert, and leading off, LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS for death and grind fans in the coming months, so here's what you should know, and Happy Fourth of July!

After a few months off from public local concerts, Heavy North Entertainment are back with some new public shows to announce, including a public house party concert on Friday, July 27th (two weeks from today) featuring Saskatchewan "gutter thrash" quartet The Man & His Machine in their local debut! TMHM have a gritty, distorted, but undeniably heavy and intense sound, and fans should get some solid pits going for them in two weeks, so definitely check them out! They're slotted in the 10:00 PM slot (a closing 11:00 PM act is to be announced), with a Blood Shed Productions-heavy local opener roster including goregrind duo Rotopsy at 9:00 PM, thrash/grind trio Them at 8:00 PM, death metal duo Brutally Fatal at 7:30 PM, and a three-way split rap set by local rappers Phat Boii, Miracle Man, and Killah Kai (who featured in at least one private Blood Shed event this year, but is new to our coverage) at 6:50 PM. To be held at a residence at 124 Anna Street (which also held April's Shit Liver house show), this ALL AGES event will have admission by donation, with a $2 minimum.

Note as well that the official poster lists grind solo project Crucify The Whore as also playing, which isn't out of the realm of possibility, as Tyler is in two bands playing that night, but the lineup is subject to change. Sounds like a fun time, especially if you've missed the recent H.N.E. and Blood Shed private gigs, so keep this was in mind in two weeks, and visit the official Facebook event page for more details!

Next up, Heavy North Entertainment aren't done yet, as they'll return to The Oddfellows Hall for the first time in six months when they bring Ottawa grindcore veterans Fuck The Facts back to Sault Ste. Marie on Sunday, September 20th! Touring North America in support of their new CD "Desire Will Rot", this Juno nominated quintet will be making their first local concert appearance since rocking The Oddfellows Hall last May, and they're definitely no strangers to the Soo, with plenty of explosive death metal originals in store once again in September in the 10:00 PM headlining slot! A shorter than usual lineup for a H.N.E. show will only see four local opening bands, including local death metal favourites The Bear Hunters at 9:00 PM, doom metal trio AlgomA (in their first announced local show since their recent tour) at 8:00 PM, a band to be announced at 7:00 PM (though there's currently a fan push to get Rotopsy in that slot), and Crucify The Whore opening at 6:30 PM. Admission will be $10 at the door for this ALL AGES concert, with advance ticket details to be announced.

For more details, visit the official Facebook event page! All of the above show announcements join some extra teases via Heavy North Entertainment's Facebook page, including another concert on August 20th and the return of "a new young local favourite", so we'll of course let you know when all of that is revealed. It's great to see Heavy North Entertainment back in the swing of things, and that they haven't completely ended use of The Oddfellows Hall as a concert venue after some uncertain months, so don't miss the return of Fuck The Facts early this fall, and stay tuned as more comes in!

Also today, here's some drummer notes from last month's Rockstar Bar Summer Bash, including the long awaited reveal of local classic metal quartet Project 421's new drummer, as they've enlisted Giwakwa's Chris Thompson to replace fellow Fitswitch alum Larry Mousseau in the band. Like they've done in the past, the reveal was made at the show, and online Facebook confirmation has since followed. Chris is a solid drummer with notable bands like Giwakwa, Frightlight, and Half Past, and he should fit in well with Project 421 going forward! The other drummer note is a temporary replacement, as local hard rock quartet Long Shot were joined by Gnaeus' Brendan Garlick last month in place of Jeremy Ganuelas, who was apparently on vacation in Europe last month, as per personal Facebook postings from himself and frontman Evan Dawe at the time.

Nice of Brendan to step in for the Summer Bash, and note that this gave us a union of sorts of the top 2 bands from the Speak Easy Battle! No word on if Brendan will join Long Shot for any other shows before Jeremy comes back home, but we'll keep you posted, and hopefully the concert was a hit!

Finally for now, here's three assorted shorter stories from the last little while, and as usual, these are in alphabetical order by artist name:

  • Sudbury death metal trio Fractal Generator are unable to make the Vesperia-headlined Algonquin Pub concert on July 23rd, as per the new official Facebook event page (created by Bear Hunters guitarist Mitch Sirie, who apparently has taken over primary promotion duties from J.D. Pearce, though it's still on the Gonqshow event page.) No word on why Fractal Generator are out, but hopefully Mark can bring one of his bands back here soon! Mitch indicated that they might be replaced on the lineup, and we'll let you know if they are!
  • Following the success of their recent High Valley-headlined country show, The Machine Shop at Mill Square asked for thoughts on possibly bringing British Columbia pop punk band Hedley there for a future concert, as per their Facebook page on Wednesday. There's already a ton of positive interest, but if you want to voice up on this potential show, see the above links!
  • Local hard rock quartet Skeyes of Seven have released their new single "Enough" on iTunes! You can buy it there for 99 cents, though no word yet on if this will lead to full album plans. Nice to see though, so give it a download above!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for much more in the coming week! Thanks everyone!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Where Are The New Albums? (July 2015 Update)

At last, here's this month's "Where Are The New Albums?" post, but be sure to check out full Rotaryfest Second Stage details and more in the post below this one! This is our monthly feature series where we look at the current release statuses and whereabouts of local metal, hard rock, and punk CDs that have had their recording sessions begin and announced publically, and this month's installment is smaller than usual, with only 10 bands (grouping split participants as one each) discussed below, albeit with one removed after today due to their breakup. Five entries below have updated information, and usual, we note that with the album's name in italics. So, where are the new albums? Read on below to hopefully find out!
The Apocalypse Afterparty's debut EP

Rumoured Songs: "The Crowd" (The Fury cover), "Rebel Scum" (The Fury cover), "Sweet F*ck"

Background: Before ever playing a public concert, new local rap/metal band The Apocalypse Afterparty announced on their Facebook page on August 21st that they had begun working on their 3 song debut EP with producer Jamie Vincent (AlgomA), though they also alluded to recording the remaining songs with different producers. The song that they recorded with Jamie is "The Crowd", which you can hear in full at this link, though recent postings have hinted at recording said EP this year for a release and recording sessions via Tidal Records, albeit with a new lineup in tow.

Current Release Status: No idea, especially given "songwriter" Steve Mozarowski's departure from the band and related lineup changes, but things seemed to be progressing well despite the band's short existence. It should be noted that The Apocalypse Afterparty 's version of "The Crowd" is featured on Blood Shed Productions' recent 11-way split album, but at last word, the EP is still in the works. Hopefully more comes out soon on it!
Crucify The Whore's untitled three-way split

Rumoured Songs: Unknown

Background: Rather than release their next material on single CDs, local goregrind solo project Crucify The Whore have announced continued plans to include songs on split albums, a common occurrence for bands of this subgenre. Following the Blood Shed Productions 11-way split and last month's split with North Bay grindcore band Scrotox, C.T.W. have announced a three-way release alongside Ohio cybernoise band Menstrual Munchies & New York grind duo Soaked In Semən (don't shoot the messenger, I didn't name them!) Additional details are likely forthcoming, and it's not known yet whether the C.T.W. songs will find their way onto future solo releases.

Current Release Status:
With the Scrotox split the recent focus, the three-way split awaits finite details on it's content, title, artwork, and release date. Stay tuned to C.T.W. and Blood Shed pages for more details!
Destroilet & Jack Spades' untitled three-way split album with The Ripcordz

Rumoured Songs (D): "iBomb", "Bamberg Witch Prison", "Heavy Artillery", "It's Over", "Kifer"

Rumoured Songs (J): "Frederick", "Fear Corps", "Motorwolf", "Negative Headspace", "Crossroads", "The Lot"

Rumoured Songs (R): Unknown

Background: In March, local punk/metal bands Destroilet & Jack Spades both revealed online that they'd be joining forces with Montreal hardcore punk legends The Ripcordz on a three-way split CD! Current plans are to fund the album through fundraiser concerts and a Kickstarter campaign, though recording sessions on at least Jack Spades' end have begun, with drum tracking completed last month according to their Facebook page. When complete, this will be Jack Spades' second release and Destroilet's third (though their first with new co-lead singer Brenton Ellis), and Tidal Records will likely have a hand in the recording and release of the project.

Current Release Status: Plans are to release this ambitious split album on October 24th at The Algonquin Pub with a planned CD release concert headlined by The Ripcordz, who have shared the stage with the two local bands and members within at various recent local concert events. There's a long time to go before then, but things sound like they're off to a great start, so keep posted as more comes in!
Gates of Winter - Perihelion

Rumoured Songs: "The Stars Call My True Name", "Edin Na Zu", "Dimensions", "Time Warp", "Wormhole Mechanics", "Prometheus"

Background: Despite a hiatus from live concerts lasting over 5 years, Gates of Winter never broke up, and are slowly working on their follow-up to 2008's "Lux Aeterna". The first glimpse of the new album was unveiled in February 2010, when frontman/producer Lee Maines uploaded a snippet of their new song "The Stars Call My True Name" onto his YouTube channel, and he followed that up with more demo & rehearsal clips sporadically over the last couple of years, though all were later taken down. The band launched a new Facebook page in August 2010 to keep fans updated on the sessions, including the unveiling of a new song title, "Time Warp", and while Sault native Jon Morrison was announced as the album's drummer that fall, the album will feature programmed drums. In November 2011, bassist Steve Furgiuele confirmed in a YouTube video that the album, now titled "Perihelion", was planned for release in December 2012, with some older re-recordings likely for the summer, but Lee confirmed last month that the album would be delayed further, be retracted to EP length, and possibly be renamed. Other new songs, tentatively called "Wormhole Mechanics" & "Prometheus", was previewed in this video & this video that were uploaded in 2013 & last April respectively. Whether ex-keyboardist Brian Holmes will be included on the EP is currently unknown.

Current Release Status: Personal commitments and the like have slowed things down incredibly, but in the band's most recent preview video (featuring audio samples), Gates of Winter hinted that work was winding down on "Perihelion", including noting that "the silence ends soon", with this year now targeted for a release. Good art takes time, and knowing Gates of Winter's talent and attention to detail, they won't wanna release this until everything's perfect. I'll admit that I know a bit more on "Perihelion" than what I've posted here, but I'll wait until more public word comes out before elaborating, so keep an eye out for updates!
The Pixo Control's debut CD

Rumoured Songs: "Land of the Moles", "Reasons", "Sixty Extra Chances Called Minutes", "The Great Salute To Radio Edits", "Tall Ships", "No", "Quick Little Quarter", "Call Me A Liar", "Scratch", "Alphabetical Order", "This Is Momentary, Forever", "Growing Pains", "Potpourri", "Feather", "Vicinity", "Congratulations"

Background: After earlier teases of recording sessions, young local grunge/alternative trio The Pixo Control revealed on their online pages (including on Instagram in November) that they were indeed working on their first album, with veteran local musician Keith Conway having a hand in the album's production. An Instagram video was also posted that featured bassist Steve Edwards working on a studio track, and updates have steadily followed to tease fans on the album's progress. The band also confirmed in February that they have signed with Tidal Records, who will presumably also release this album. A fundraiser concert was held at The Rankin Arena last month to raise funds for the album and upcoming tour plans, but no finite album details have followed.
Current Release Status: No idea, but the guys sound like they've gotten a fair amount done already, and they've been turning a lot of heads so far, so don't bypass them, and stay tuned for more on their first album this year!
Redundant's debut CD

Rumoured Songs: "Miles Apart", "That December", "What You'll Do"

Background: Over two and a half years after their last documented studio sessions in the spring of 2012, local punk trio Redundant revealed on their Facebook page on November 16th that they're finally working on finishing their debut CD, and will look to hold a CD release party for it upon it's completion. Details are otherwise minimal, including on if the guys will just package their older studio work for the release, or include new recordings, perhaps at bassist James White's studio White Wreckords. We'll keep you posted if we hear more!

Current Release Status: Though we don't know much on the new/revived album plans, Redundant did sound serious about completing their CD. That said, Redundant have only played once in 2015 and haven't made any public statements regarding the album this year. Plus, recent personal postings by James have indicated that he's moving to Toronto for college later this year, which would presumably impact their status. If we hear any updates from their camp, we'll be sure to let you know!
The Revolution - Roll Call

Rumoured Songs: "Prisoner of Hate", "Monsters", "Cold Temptress", "Into The Fog", "Get High With Me"

Background: Then-new local doom/punk trio The Revolution (originally the second version of Brutaly Fatal) surprisingly announced on their Facebook page that they were heading into the studio to begin recording their debut EP last July. The sessions are being done at their new label PaperClip Productions, who signed the band last May. To be titled "Roll Call", a 5 song track listing was announced at the same time, which omitted prior live originals like "Murder For Sport", "We Are The Gladiators", and "Mercury". One of the songs (title unclear) was previewed in this Facebook video on Christmas, and while they surprisingly disbanded in late February, they reunited in April and have resumed work on "Roll Call". Drum tracking is finished, with guitar & bass tracking beginning on April 12th, while the band also shared this image on Facebook, which might be the planned cover art.

Current Release Status: It's hard to say when we'll see the final product, but they were hard at work, though note that the band hasn't made any public postings since April, and were pulled from their planned return show for unannounced reasons. Hopefully all's well in the camp, and follow the above links for more on this resurrected album!
The Sorrow Fields - Let Go

Rumoured Songs: "Godlessness"

Background: Previously known as Animas, April Eyes, and By The Gods, The Sorrow Fields is the long gestating black/death metal solo metal project from Bear Hunters/Beaumont Avenue guitarist Mitch Sirie. He resurrected the project under it's new name in 2012, complete with an atmospheric & dark sound, and he has sporadically updated fans as to his newest planned debut album via their YouTube channel and deleted Facebook page. As of June 2013, he'd titled the album "Godlessness" (though it was changed to "Let Go" last spring), and a preview of the title track and another unnamed song were uploaded there to check out before being privatized for unannounced reasons. Mitch is still working on the album though, and has aims to finish it after 6 years of off & on work, as per a personal Facebook posting last year.

Current Release Status: Mitch's most recent release timeframe for The Sorrow Fields' album was "this winter", though we're past that now. Knowing how delayed his past solo album "Hollow Hope" was prior to it's cancellation, this could be a long road, especially as he's a workhorse with his two bands. It should also be noted that Mitch hinted on personal Facebook posts in the fall that a studio version of his fan favourite "Squirrel Buddy" is in the works, but whether it's a single or a renamed full album isn't clear. In case new "Let Go" or Sorrow Fields news rolls in, we'll have it here!
Telephone & Address - "Monster" and "The Early Tapes"

Rumoured Songs (M): "Unknown"

Rumoured Songs (E): "The Plumbers"

Background: Telephone & Address mainman Chris Shoust announced on their Facebook page in January that he's working on releasing "The Early Tapes", a compilation of songs from the first 4 Telephone & Address albums (2011's self titled album, and 2012's "Live", "No. 3", and "Broken Head"), all of which being released before their recent full integration into the local scene. Since then however, he quietly revealed on Facebook that a separate new album named "Monster" is done, with an advanced copy leaked to him by AlgomA drummer Jamie Vincent, which likely hints that Jamie helped produce it. No other details have been revealed yet, but some songs may be on their Soundcloud page, and when both are released, they're likely to turn up on Telephone & Address' Bandcamp page and on Interpunk, which Chris is also using to distribute physical copies.

Current Release Status: Chris is aiming for "Monster" to come out in July once he has the funding to press physical copies of it, so look for it this summer!. As for "The Early Tapes", Chris revealed in March that it "will be delayed for some time", though he didn't elaborate on why specifically. It's also worth noting that Chris briefly announced collaborating with Boxes of Boom's Sam Decter as a drummer with Telephone & Address and under a new project name (Are You Now? or Have You Ever?), but references to Chris & Sam's work have quietly been removed from Facebook, and it's not known if this means anything for the "Monster" release. We'll keep you posted!
With all of the above said, we have one album to remove from the series due to it's now-unlikely release prospects, so here's what you should know on it!
Beaumont Avenue - King of the World

Rumoured Songs: "Into the Fray", "Red Rover", "King of the World", "Way Out Of Hell", "Take Me Away", "Beaten Down", "Two More Jag", "Jesus Concubines"

Background: Local hard rock quartet The Suicide Kings (who changed their name to Beaumont Avenue last summer) announced that they were officially working on their first EP on their Facebook page in February 2013, planning to complete an EP by the end of that spring featuring 5-7 songs, which were recorded at the former Smoke & Oak Room Studio with producer Dave Pihlaja. Though info on the sessions and release was sporadic for much of 2013, the band unveiled studio versions of their originals "Into the Fray" & "Jesus Concubines" last year on Facebook, presumably as a preview for the full release. The band later revised the plans to 2 EPs of 4 original songs each, before writing a debut album from scratch, and they last referenced album plans via studio and songwriting sessions over the 2014 Christmas holidays.

Current Release Status:
As Beaumont Avenue have announced that they'll be disbanding after their Rotaryfest Stage 1 set on July 18th, the odds of seeing their debut album as originally intended are slim at best, especially given how sudden last month's breakup announcement was. As it was, recent indications had the material recorded at The Smoke & Oak Room as being scrapped or re-worked in light of their newer album plans. There's a chance that Beaumont Avenue might release more of the material online or have a release at Rotaryfest or posthumously, but for now, a formal public CD release isn't overly likely. Go see Beaumont Avenue one last time in two weeks though!

LOCAL CONCERT ALERT (Rotaryfest Second Stage) & New Sault Michigan Videos!!

Keeping our busy streak going at the SMS, here's a new news post half devoted to some short new videos from Sault Michigan, but leading off, here's a long anticipated LOCAL CONCERT ALERT concerning the return of a fan favourite summer concert event, so here's what you should know!

The full lineup for the return of Rotaryfest's Second Stage is now official, as per the official program, so what should you know for it's 10th installment? Returning after a year's hiatus due to financial issues, the all-original stage (now presented by Agero & Village Media, and labelled as "Stage 2: Redirected" on official materials) will be held at Clergue Park on an outdoor stage by the Art Gallery of Algoma, presumably due to the ongoing Downtown Association debate and the postponement or cancellation of outdoor Queen Street events until that's resolved, but whether this is a temporary move or not is to be determined. Also, with LopLops Lounge moving on to their own Emergency Festival last year, main stage assistant director Chelsie Parayko is the new director of the Second Stage, but how does this affect the lineup and schedule? For at least this year, the Second Stage will be held on Saturday, July 18th only (it had previously been held on the Friday too), and is is also a little shorter in length and earlier than before (1:00-8:00 PM rather than 2:00-11:00 PM)

Lineup-wise, there are no out of town bands this year, so this year's Stage 2 lineup is all-local for the first time in a noticeable while. In terms of genre, the bands are familiar in sound to past Second Stages, but with a youthful, punk/alternative base that will be up the alley of fans of Lopstock and Tidal Records events, and with one exception, all making their Stage 2 debuts! Headlining at 7:00 PM on July 18th are local post-punk quartet and VM Radio Battle winners Gnaeus, while their good friends in The Pixo Control will co-headline with their own alternative & grunge originals at 6:00 PM. and new local glam metal/power pop trio Caroline Divine will play at 5:00 PM.  Newer pop punk quartet Stereo North are scheduled at 4:00 PM, and young local indie rock quintet Aldous are on at 3:00 PM, while local rapper Conika & DJ Seith will play three 10 minute mini-sets together at 2:50, 3:50, and 4:50 PM. Some familiar Rotaryfest faces will open Stage 2 as well, so who are they?

Local progressive/indie rock quartet The Wild Iris (who previously played the First Stage twice as The Pesto Shirts) will head over to the Second Stage for a 2:00 PM set, while local alt-folk favourites The Boot Hill Crooners will make their first Stage 2 appearance since 2009 to open the day at 2:00 PM. Just for reference sake, this year's event breaks local indie/folk quintet The Porter Band's five year streak of Second Stage appearances since their 2009 debut, though I believe they fell inactive last year. Stage 2: Redirected is a FREE & ALL AGES event, and it's great to have it back in any form after losing last year's event! I'm encouraged by the more alternative and punk selection of bands, and it'll be interesting to see how this does, but of course, if you miss the old Second Stage format and band range, give The Emergency Festival a look next month! See the above links for more details, and we'll keep you posted if any extra info comes in!

We'll close today with some short videos that will be of note to Sault Michigan readers, including this commercial for TONIGHT'S  P.O.D./Hoobastank/Fuel concert at The Dreammaker's Theatre at the Sault Michigan Kewadin Casino! Uploaded by co-promoter John Yeubanks to the Yooper Bars & Bands Facebook group on Wednesday, this was obviously made before Lights Out Paris were added to the lineup, and Integrated System of Machines' name is said without the "S" at the end, but it's effective, gets the details across, and makes good use of music video clips of the headliners! Give it a look below, and remember, tickets are $42.50 at the door TONIGHT!

Finally for today, here's a brief new video from 415E guitarist Chris Hubbard's YouTube channel! The first new performance upload on his YouTube channel since 2011 (though note a few of his recent uploads have been deleted for unannounced reasons), this 15 second video is of Chris jamming on guitar with the help of his new EVH 5150 III Stealth guitar amp head. The camera is mounted on Chris' guitar (albeit with grainy quality), and everything sounds good, but it's too bad this isn't longer. Give Chris' new video a look below!

That's all for now, but stay tuned for this month's "Where Are The New Albums?" post TONIGHT! Thanks everyone!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (Banned) & Sault Michigan Weekend Concert Previews!!

As previously indicated, today's second post dives into a busy weekend in Sault Michigan and Eastern U.P. hard rock concerts, including SHORT NOTICE LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS for the next two nights, and a preview of a major six band Kewadin Casino event, but be sure to check out this weekend's Sault Ontario concert previews in the post below this one! Now, here's your hard rock concert previews in Sault Michigan and area for this weekend!

Kinross, Michigan classic/hard rock trio Banned will rock The Islander Bar in nearby Hessel TOMORROW & SATURDAY NIGHT! Apologies for the short notice, these shows were originally announced on Banned's Facebook page last month in a concert schedule posting, but they slipped us by until this week. Usually, the guys play at The Runway Bar when they play in Hessel (including at their most recent regional show on June 13th), so The Islander is an unknown commodity for our coverage, but it's located at 134 South Pickford Avenue, and is actually located in a century-old building that once served Hessel as a general store and ice cream parlor, so there's definitely history with this bar! They do book the occasional live band, so might we see more bands (including Banned) there in the coming months? For reference, Alex, Don, and Wayne also hit the road to play shows in Blaney Park and Curtis since their last Soo-area shows, plus a private party of some kind.

This weekend's Hessel concerts have 9:00 PM start times, 21+ age limits, and no announced cover charge, so for more details, visit the above links, and if you want to check out Banned's hard rock covers over the holiday weekend, you know where to be! For a preview, here's Banned live last summer!

Next up, here's a preview of one of the biggest major hard rock concerts of the year, as three multi-platinum selling bands will rock The Dreammaker's Theatre at the Sault Michigan Kewadin Casino TOMORROW NIGHT! Those three bands are San Diego alternative metal quartet P.O.D. (in their local debut), California hard rockers Hoobastank (last seen opening for Staind here in 2009) and Pennsylvania post-grunge quartet Fuel (who opened for Buckcherry here three years ago), and this stacked lineup is responsible for many huge hits of the past two decades, like "Youth of the Nation", "The Reason", "Hemorrhage (In My Hands)", and many more, so Rock 101 listeners are bound to like at least one of these three headliners! Note as well that Fuel will have a different drummer than they had in 2012, with Shannon Boone in and Ken Schalk out. Openers will include Rochester, New York post-hardcore band Lights Out Paris, Saginaw rap/rock quintet Redburn (who opened for Saving Abel earlier this year in the Soo), and the long awaited reunion of local epic metal quintet Integrated System of Machines!

After a 5 or 6 year breakup, the band's new lineup (Orb Hearthstone, Art Dietz, Chris Leask, Bart Rennels, and Jon, last name to be determined) are back in a big way with new material, so don't miss I.S.O.M.'s resurgence TOMORROW! Promoted by new local agency Superior Entertainment, tickets are still available from the third row & back for $38.50 in advance or $42.50 at the door at this link, at the in-person box office, or at 1-800-KEWADIN. This is ALL AGES, and a 7:00 PM start time is advertised. With 12 top 10 Billboard chart songs between P.O.D., Hoobastank, and Fuel, you won't want to miss this one, so be there TOMORROW, and here's P.O.D. live!

Also this weekend, Traverse City metal trio Scarkazm are returning to The Northern Pines Lounge at the St. Ignace Kewadin Casino TOMORROW & SATURDAY NIGHT! Fresh off of last weekend's Savoy debut in Sault Michigan, the band from Peril's Adam Crawford & Jeff Hudson will be making their first St. Ignace stops in four months this weekend, so if you've missed this popular Northern Michigan band's originals and covers since their last St. Ignace dates (or missed last weekend's shows in the Soo), and if you're not seeing P.O.D. tomorrow, here's a solid option for your weekend concert plans! There is no announced cover charge for either of Scarkazm's concerts this weekend, you must be 21 to attend, and there's a likely 9:00 PM start time in effect both nights. For more details, check the above links, and definitely keep Scarkazm's return in mind for this weekend! Here's Scarkazm live!

Finally for today, we'll head to the aforementioned Savoy Bar & Nightclub in Sault Michigan, where newer local hard rock quartet Ten Kings will return for Independence Day weekend shows TOMORROW & SATURDAY NIGHT! Making their second weekend appearance at The Savoy, this weekend's shows are part of The Savoy's returning Summerfest outdoor concert series, which sees bands playing on an outdoor stage behind the venue (Scarkazm kicked things off last week.) Great to see Ten Kings hopping on board for some live concerts over this popular series, so don't miss this familiar quartet this weekend as you celebrate the Fourth of July! No word yet though on who's playing The Savoy in upcoming Summerfest weekends, and if you were curious, the bar's hosting karaoke inside while the bands rock outside (source here.) There is no announced cover for this weekend, you must be 21 to attend, and there are 10:00 PM start times, so check the above links for more details, and here's Ten Kings live!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for this month's "Where Are The New Albums?" post and more updates tomorrow! Thanks everyone!

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (Lucky 13 & Tym Morrison) And Sault Ontario Weekend Concert Previews!!

We have a busy stretch coming up on the site, with four posts planned in the next two days alone, including at least two concert preview posts (today's for Sault Ontario and one tonight for Sault Michigan), plus this month's delayed "Where Are The New Albums?" post tomorrow morning, and a new news post tomorrow that will, in all likelihood, cover the Rotaryfest Second Stage's return and possible late notice shows this weekend. Let's kick things off though with this weekend's Sault Ontario hard rock and punk concert previews, including late lineup confirmations for the newest Gonqshow event, and SHORT NOTICE LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS, so here's what you should know!

Local hard rock solo musician Tym Morrison will return to The Harp Bar & Grill TOMORROW & SATURDAY NIGHT, plus Gliss Steak & Seafood TONIGHT and the next two evenings as well! Apologies for the short notice, we only heard about these shows earlier this week via their new Facebook event pages (here & here.) Given that a new month is upon us, we'll also add Tym's new July dates to our concert calendar due to his ongoing weekly arrangement at The Harp, and given his recent regular appearances at Gliss (entering his fourth straight week at the restaurant inside The Quality Inn), we will consider his shows there to also be an ongoing regular agreement unless or until there's confirmation otherwise. As a result, we're now listing dates in our listings at The Harp and Gliss from next Thursday the 9th-Saturday the 11th, plus the 16th-18th, 23rd-25th, and July 30th-August 1st, and like recently, he's only at Gliss on the Thursdays, and at both venues on the Fridays & Saturdays.

The Gliss dates are all matinees at 6:00 PM with no announced cover charges or age limits (but remember, he is playing at a restaurant), while his dates at the former Madison's Pub all have 10:00 PM start times, no announced cover, and 19+ age limits. Check the above links for more details, and don't miss Tym's entertaining hard rock covers on either stage this month, including TONIGHT, TOMORROW, and SATURDAY! For a preview, here's Tym live!

Next up, local classic/hard rock cover quartet Lucky 13 will return to The Rockstar Bar TOMORROW NIGHT! Apologies for the short notice, we only heard about this show the other day via SooToday's entertainment page, though note that the band hasn't announced a concert through their Facebook page since March, so confirmation may not come through there. A one nighter (with country band Thin Ice playing on Saturday night), this will be Lucky 13's first Rockstar Bar show since filling in for Havadder last month, and their fan favourite alternative and hard rock covers should find a good audience this month, so keep this one in mind for your Friday plans! There is no announced cover charge TOMORROW (but bring cash just in case), you must be 19 to attend, and a 10:00 PM start time is likely. For more details, visit the above links, and here's Lucky 13 live at last year's Toystock!

Moving to previously announced concerts, we'll head to The Rednecks Saloon TOMORROW NIGHT, where local hard rock/alternative solo musician Mike Haggith will have his own release party concert for his newest solo album "The Warinside"! Released online in May, physical CD copies will officially go on sale tomorrow at the former Nicolet Tavern, and Mike and his side project band Mike Haggith & The Din will headline the concert and perform "The Warinside" in full during their first of two sets! The second will contain extra original songs and covers. This is by far the largest release party that Mike has ever held for one of his concerts, and it's great to see the CD get the full band treatment tomorrow, so definitely consider coming out for this one! By contrast, the openers are quite varied, including progressive/soft rock quartet The Wild Iris (formerly The Pesto Shirts) and solo singer/guitarist Micheal Husband (who I have little info on concerning his sound.) Definitely a mixture of styles, but this way, there's a little something for everyone!

Promoted by Mitch Sirie, tickets are available in advance through Din members for $5, but the price jumps to $7 at the door, while paying $10 will get you a copy of "The Warinside" as well! No word on what sole copies of the album cost though if you're not getting a ticket bundle deal. This is a 19+ concert, and Micheal Husband kicks off the show at 9:30 PM. For more details, visit the above links, and don't miss what will arguably be Mike's biggest local show as a solo performer or frontman! For a preview, here's Mike & The Din live this spring!

Finally for this first concert preview post, the sixth installment of Tidal Records & J.D. Pearce's Gonqshow summer concert series goes down SATURDAY NIGHT at The Algonquin Pub, with Edmonton pop punk quintet Calling All Captains now headlining in their local concert debut! The first stop of the band's All Hands On Deck Tour of eastern Canada, this energetic band have a fun and up-tempo brand of punk that fans of older local bands like A Fall From Innocence should take to, so be sure to check them out this Saturday if you're up for a pop punk attack! Originally planned to be a very diverse concert featuring metal, punk, and rap, the metal headlining portion of this show dried up when Toronto thrash trio AxMinister dropped out of the show in May for unannounced reasons, so Calling All Captains are now headlining alongside two local rap acts! A joint set by Conika and DJ Seith will replace AxMinister on the bill (as per the Gonqshow's Facebook event page), while Mikey Thomas will still open the show with his own solo rap numbers.

Having two rappers and a DJ opening for a punk band isn't a typical fit, but Mikey, Conika, and Shane are all very good at what they do, and they should set the tone nicely before Calling All Captains take the stage! A $5 cover charge is likely for this show, which is a 19+ affair with a likely 10:00 PM start time. This show has unusually not received a lot of promotion specific to it online, but if you love pop punk and/or rap, be sure to head to The Algonquin Pub TOMORROW! For a preview, here's Calling All Captains putting their own spin on a Lorde song for this video!

That's all for now, but stay tuned for Sault Michigan previews later today, with this month's "Where Are The New Albums?" post coming tomorrow! Thanks everyone!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

LOCAL CONCERT ALERT (Rotaryfest's Main Stage!!)

The full music lineups for this year's Rotaryfest summer festival have been revealed! As per the official program (as posted online yesterday, which you can read at this link), there are once again 3 days worth of music at the outdoor Clergue Park stage from Thursday, July 16th through Saturday July 18th, while the Second Stage does indeed return after a year's hiatus in a new location, which we'll outline in an upcoming post, so stay tuned! The main stage lineup (again all-cover bands) will be very familiar for recent Rotaryfest attendees, as only five of the 18 local bands are new to the Clergue Park stage (though some performers in them have played there in other projects), but who all will we see this year? The Thursday lineup for Clergue Park's Stage 1, as usual, doesn't have any hard rock bands, but the headliners will be classic rock veterans Coverfly at 10:00 PM, with fellow classic rockers Flathead Ford (who played Rotaryfest in 2013) at 9:00 PM, local Elvis Presley tribute artist Larry Tschekalin (Thursday's only newcomer) at 8:00 PM, country quartet Crossroad (in their second straight Rotaryfest set) at 7:00 PM, and veteran festival favourites The Bob Jenkins Band leading off with easy jazz at 6:00 PM.

Solid lineup for classic rock fans, so keep that in mind for Thursday! The Friday, July 17th lineup is again retracted in length like last year, but there will be hard rock bands on the lineup, including the return of local classic/hard rock quintet That's Chester as headliners at 10:00 PM! Last seen at Rotaryfest in 2013, this will be That's Chester's first announced public concert of the year, and given their recent focus, they will be playing songs from their upcoming stage production of The Who's Tommy this fall, so keep that in mind if you've missed the guys or love The Who! Local hard rock cover quartet Griphook will also play their third straight Rotaryfest set at 7:00 PM, which will also be their first announced show in three months, and it's great to see them back at it during the summer! Other performers (all veterans of the last two Rotaryfests, if not more) include country quartet Summer Thunder at 9:00 PM, and classic rock favourites Mid Lyfe Crisis at 8:00 PM and Obsession opening at 6:00 PM, so come early for their talented covers!

The Friday lineup is quality for longtime fans of Rotaryfest's main stage, with all veterans of the event, and hopefully there's a great turnout come the 17th! Both Thursday & Friday's lineups are FREE & ALL AGES, so be sure to check the above links for more details!

As for the Saturday lineup (which is the longest, most varied in sound, and has the most new bands), the announced main attractions are still the joint Toronto-based Fleetwood Mac & Tom Petty tributes Fleetwood Nicks & Practically Petty, but they are not last on July 18th, with local country rock quintet and festival mainstays Thin Ice getting the closing 10:45 PM slot for unannounced reasons. The Tom Petty & Fleetwood Mac tributes are on at 9:30 & 8:30 PM each, with local classic rock veterans Mustang Heart keeping their long Rotaryfest streak alive at 7:00 PM (for 90 minutes?), all-female classic rockers Domina playing their second main stage set at 6:00 PM, and The Big Waltz (a one-off local tribute to The Band featuring four of the same musicians from, ironically, last year's Tom Petty/Stevie Nicks one-off Free Falling) at 5:00 PM.

The hard rock action is all in the afternoon on Saturday, with Beaumont Avenue closing out their successful local run with their third & final Rotaryfest set at 4:00 PM, so be sure to send out the former Suicide Kings in style on the 18th! The remaining acts are all Rotaryfest newcomers, including local blues rock solo musician Paul DellaVedova (who played the second stage in 2012 with Paul D & The Double Down) at 3:00 PM, local hard rock quartet Long Shot at 2:00 PM, and local classic/hard rock cover trio Mourning Wood opening the day at 1:00 PM alongside two advertised guest musicians: local country singer Mark Tarantini and Q104's Jeff McNiece, which are clear signs of their country ties. The Saturday lineup is pretty good as well, and the newest for fan craving some different bands, so keep that in mind, especially for the hard rock action in the afternoon!

Note however that some recent Rotaryfest regulars aren't on the bill for this year, like KT, Kyle, and The Pocket, The Reptiles, and Spyder's Web, each of whom played the last 3 years or longer. Saturday's lineup, like the rest, is FREE & ALL AGES, and there's lots of entertaiment for every taste, so check the above links for full details on who to expect at the Clergue Park stage for this year's Rotaryfest, and stay tuned for weekend concert previews and our full breakdown on who's playing the returning Second Stage and where in the coming days! Thanks everyone!