Saturday, December 3, 2016

LOCAL CONCERT ALERT (Mourning Wood), Skeyes Of Seven Updates, And Much More!!

With an extremely SHORT NOTICE LOCAL CONCERT ALERT to touch on, here's one more news post for your Saturday, but check out this month's "Where Are The New Albums?" post from earlier today below! To fill things out, we also have some recent performance videos, and some assorted news and updates in this post as well, so here's what you need to know!

Local classic/hard rock cover quartet Mourning Wood will return to Reggie's West (the former Roosevelt Hotel) TONIGHT, after previously playing there last night! Profuse apologies for missing last night's show, and the short notice for TONIGHT's, we only first heard about them via members' personal Facebook pages last night, too late to rush a post, but we did acknowledge them via our Facebook page. Typically, Mourning Wood only snubs their downtown Reggie's shows for public online promotion, but also, note that they haven't played at "The Reggievelt" since April (that I know of), so this is a recently unique weekend in & of itself. Drummer Glen Thomas indicated on his personal Facebook page that this would likely be Mourning Wood's last concert weekend of 2016, so if you want one more chance to take in their classic rock & often heavy covers, you know where to be TONIGHT!

There is no admission fee for this show, which has a likely 10:00 PM start time and a 19+ age limit. Check the above links for more details, here's Mourning Wood live, and apologies again for missing last night's show, we'd have covered it on here had we known about it even a few hours sooner!

Next up, here's a pair of new videos from local hard rock band Skeyes of Seven! If you recall their live-streamed performance video from their Facebook page from November 6th, then you'll get the idea from these two, as the Sense of Truth successors did two more live in-studio videos of this kind last month! Apologies again for not covering these on here sooner, it's tough when they don't give any advance word before going live that they're even doing this. Unlike their first live stream, these are in an acoustic setting with the guys (save for singer Cory Murchison) playing while seated, and the continued lack of a drummer doesn't hurt in this format. However, both videos do feature four performers, as an uncredited guitarist is seen playing beside bassist Alain Fletcher in both clips. He's a solid player, and has a beard to match, but who is he, and is he a new permanent band member? If we get any confirmation, we'll let you know!

The latter video features Skeyes of Seven covering Led Zeppelin's "Going to California", though note that I had trouble playing it with audio on the Firefox browser. The earlier video (embedded below) features Skeyes of Seven covering three songs, namely Incubus' "11 AM" & "Mexico", and Tool's "Schism". These are solidly performed covers in a more reserved setting, with Incubus working well in particular, but "Schism" needs electric instruments for maximum effectiveness. Give that live stream video a look below, and stay tuned for more on Skeyes of Seven!

Finally for today, here's six assorted shorter news items from the last while, and as usual, these are in alphabetical order by artist, venue, or event name:

  • New local alternative punk quartet A Dire Setback have been named as the local openers for the Blood Guy-headlined punk rock bingo concert at The New American Pub on Tuesday, December 27th! Our source is the official Facebook event page earlier today. It'll be nice to see this promising new band in their New A debut and first union between Six, Two, Oh. and Live705, so look for them then!
  • In an update to one of the photographers in our link section of them (specifically, ones that have/do photograph musicians), we have updated the link for Brian Tremblay Photography, as the previously linked page now just says that he left photography and moved on to another career... but this website implies otherwise, with portfolios, contact info, and everything else at the ready. In any event, our photography links are all fine again now!
  • Sault Michigan concert venue The Corner Pub Bar & Grill closed at some point last year (complete with Facebook page deletion), and it's site at 100 West Portage Avenue was re-opened in March as the 1668 Winery & Lockside Brewery. The venue is still hosting live music, but from what I've seen, 1668 Winery leans towards acoustic acts (among them, Half Stupid alums Zac Crook & Matt Williams.) The Corner Pub was a popular venue for hard rock bands in it's heyday, and while we hadn't covered a show there since 2013, hopefully the winery can host some heavier music down the road! As a result, we have removed The Corner Pub from our venue links.
  • Sault Ontario death metal quintet Kaepora Gaebora have quietly changed their name to Exploring Detritus, as per their Facebook page yesterday. A reason for the name change (their second, after launching as Debt To The Heirless) wasn't announced, but for what it's worth, this band hasn't played live in almost 6 months. The new name isn't bad, and hopefully this is a sign that the guys will play live again soon! For the record, "detritus" is a Latin term used to describe waste or debris in various contexts, often organic matter.
  • Former Blackberries frontman Norm Rosteck is looking for a drummer for a three piece rock band that he's forming, which would play both originals and covers from the likes of The Damned, The Black Crowes, and The Black Keys, among others ("old punk" was also a cited genre to tackle.) If you're interested in trying out, message Norm at this link or via his Musicians Wanted Facebook group post from November 25th!
  • Blue Chinese metal crash punk veterans Sykotyk Rampage have released another free "album" to their Reverbnation page! Entitled "Sanctuarium", it's considered the band's 60th album, it uniquely features 6 songs that all run for at least 8 minutes in length, and the band describes it as "a cult religious fusion metal thought control experience." You could call this one of their most experimental yet least provocative collections of songs yet, so give "Sanctuarium" a listen above, and headphones are recommended!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news and notes next week! Thanks everyone!

Where Are The New Albums? (December 2016 Update)

After a slight delay, here's our final "Where Are The New Albums?" post of 2016! This monthly feature continues to look at announced and (at least partially) recorded albums to be released by local metal, hard rock, and punk bands, in order to see where they are and what the latest updates are on them! This month's installment is full of updates, with 7 of the entries below having new or updated info (as usual, these are noted with the title in italics), so where are the new albums? Read on below to hopefully find out!
AlgomA's untitled split EP with Hooded Menace

Rumoured Songs (A): "Failed Stunt Fatality", "Canis Rabidus", "Brazen Bull", "The Longest Swim"

Rumoured Songs (H): "Celestial Dissection"

Background: In recent months, local doom metal trio AlgomA have teased that they are planning to release a split EP with Finnish death/doom metal quartet Hooded Menace, to be released by Doomentia Records with art by Paolo Girardi, and with AlgomA's recording sessions taking place locally at Six, Two, Oh.. Last month, the cover artwork and preliminary release details were unveiled on their Facebook page, with both AlgomA and Hooded Menace posting a sample of one song each via their respective Bandcamp pages (in AlgomA's case, "Failed Stunt Fatality".) Like with AlgomA's prior split with Chronobot, this will exclusively see it's physical release on 12'' vinyl records.

Current Release Status: The announcements last month indicated that the split EP will come out at an unspecified date this month, but as of this writing, we don't know the exact date or if there will be an attached release party in the Soo. For what it's worth, AlgomA are taking a short road trip to Quebec for a pair of shows next week but have not publically tied them to the split, and keep in mind that this is being released through Hooded Menace's label (based out of The Czech Republic.) Still, look for this anticipated split later this month!
The Apocalypse Afterparty - Bufflesnort

Rumoured Songs: "4th Liner", ".500 Hockey", "Lace 'Em Up", "Better Than The Hives Did It" (retitled cover of Saul Williams' "List of Demands (Reparations)"

Background: Before ever playing a public concert, local rap/metal band The Apocalypse Afterparty announced on their Facebook page in 2014 that they had begun working on a 3 song debut EP with producer Jamie Vincent, recording at least one song with him ("The Crowd"), which you can hear in full at this link. Plans were overhauled after holding full recording sessions for "Bufflesnort" at Tidal Records' own Mission Control Studios with producer Dustin Jones, later mixing the songs with Simon Head at Insight Recorders, and notably not recording prior originals from concerts like songs passed on from The Fury. The full EP can now be streamed via "songwriter" Paul Stanghetta's YouTube channel, while all five album covers can be seen on the band's online pages. Also, a posting in March hinted that a member of defunct Saskatchewan hardcore band The Holly Springs Disaster would make a cameo appearance on a track.

Current Release Status: The Apocalypse Afterparty began sending out press packs & advance copies of the album on cell phones in September (I received one in a concert used drum), and the band also plans to have full availability for general audiences via digital download and USB thumb drives, but the band has delayed the EP's scheduled release until February, with an album release concert planned for then. However, note that the band is undergoing yet another drummer search, so if that's delayed, a release party may be delayed too. Stay tuned for updates on "Bufflesnort"!
The Bear Hunters - The Dead Testament
Rumoured Songs: "The Void", "The Omen", "Neckbreaker", "I Fear No God", "Servitude", "Transcend Judgement", "For Glory", "The Wrath Of Angmar", "The Dying Den", "The Dead Testament", "Deception" (bonus re-recording), "The Forest of Forests" (bonus track)

Background: In tentative planning since 2014 under this title, local death metal quintet The Bear Hunters have been playing songs intended for their second full length CD for a few years now, but only fully began recording sessions for "The Dead Testament" on October 2nd, 2015. Following a brief fundraising campaign and the gradual unveiling of song titles, the band have been working with producer Dustin Jones at Mission Control Studios, and have shared sporadic updates on their Instagram page. Like on 2014's "Eternal Hibernation", rhythm guitarist Josh Stephney has recorded parts for the album despite living in Southern Ontario, but it's not yet clear on how bonus tracks will be handled.

Current Release Status: The Bear Hunters haven't given any firm timetables for when to expect "The Dead Testament" in stores, but as of November 5th, the band had finished all recording sessions except vocals & lead guitar for 4 tracks, and "finishing touches" were to blame for the delays in finishing the CD. The band is aiming for a more professional sound and release for their sophomore effort, but an optimistic late-summer release has came and gone. Keep an eye out for updates!
Caroline Divine's debut album

Rumoured Songs: "Caroline Divine", "Looking For A Fight"

Background: After prior teases of recording sessions and the search for a spot to record, personal Facebook pages from members of newer local glam/power pop trio Caroline Divine confirmed that they were indeed working on their debut album. Greater details on the track listing, release formats, and so forth have yet to be made, with the band taking time off from concerts since late last year. While studio work was thought to be a partial cause for the stage hiatus, Caroline Divine haven't posted on their Facebook page yet this year, last surfacing publically when the guys backed up Jesse Merineau at March's Speak Easy Battle of the Bands.

Current Release Status: No idea yet, especially as the band hasn't shown their cards yet concerning album progress, but it should be noted that singer/guitarist Anthony Marcello moved out of town for college this summer, with Mitchell Nielsen replacing him when the other guys backed up Jesse Merineau in concert in September. If Caroline Divine are still active for reasons other than playing with Jesse, I don't know what Anthony's move would mean for the album, or if Mitchell is his full-time replacement, but we'll let you know if they announce anything!
The Elements' debut EP 

Rumoured Songs: "Liar", "G20", "Triple H", "The Rut", "I Need A Friend"

Background: Arguably better known for their funk, ska, and hard rock covers, local quartet The Elements have been adding original material to their sets since last year, and have since publically confirmed earlier teases that they are working on a debut EP. Frontman Rob Speers has confirmed in personal conversations that they have been working in studio on the release, which will have at least 5 tracks, and I believe it's being self-recorded, but further public updates are minimal at best. It's also not known if they'll employ any guest performers, such as drummer Jonas Gasperas and saxophonist Josh Norling, who have been frequent presences in recent months, and may be official band members at this point.

Current Release Status: At this stage, I have no idea, but Rob sounded like things were going well in studio, so we'll have to see what comes out next on The Elements' first EP!
Gates of Winter - Perihelion

Rumoured Songs: "The Stars Call My True Name", "Edin Na Zu", "Dimensions", "Time Warp", "Wormhole Mechanics", "Prometheus"

Background: Despite a hiatus from live concerts lasting over 7 years, Gates of Winter never broke up, and are slowly working on their follow-up to 2008's "Lux Aeterna". The first glimpse of the new album was unveiled in February 2010, when frontman/producer Lee Maines uploaded a snippet of their new song "The Stars Call My True Name" onto his YouTube channel, and he followed that up with more demo & rehearsal clips sporadically over the last couple of years, though all were later taken down. The band launched a new Facebook page in August 2010 to keep fans updated on the sessions, including the unveiling of a new song title, "Time Warp", and while Sault native Jon Morrison was announced as the album's drummer that fall, the album will feature programmed drums. In November 2011, bassist Steve Furgiuele confirmed in a YouTube video that the album, now titled "Perihelion", was planned for release in December 2012, with some older re-recordings likely for the summer, but Lee has since confirmed that the album would be delayed further, be retracted to EP length, and possibly be renamed. Other new songs, tentatively called "Wormhole Mechanics" & "Prometheus", was previewed in this video & this video that were uploaded in 2013 & last April respectively. Whether ex-keyboardist Brian Holmes will be included on the EP is currently unknown.

Current Release Status: Personal commitments and the like have slowed things down incredibly, but in the band's most recent preview video (featuring audio samples), Gates of Winter hinted that work was winding down on "Perihelion", including noting that "the silence ends soon". Good art takes time, and knowing Gates of Winter's talent and attention to detail, they won't want to release this until everything's perfect, but note that the band hasn't made a public online post since January. I'll admit that I know a bit more on "Perihelion" than what I've posted here, but I'll wait until more public word comes out. Keep an eye out for updates!
Mike Haggith - Neighbourhood Watch Revisited

Rumoured Songs: "To Whom This May Concern", "Room 822", "The Ballad of K2/K3", "The Day The Lights Went Out", "Limb Coast", "Leon the Janitor", "Far Too Long"

Background: After previously hinting at a re-recorded version of his 45th solo album "Neighbourhood Watch" in late 2015, local solo musician Mike Haggith officially began releasing new versions of songs from the original 2012 CD onto his YouTube channel in February, those being of "Limb Coast" & "Room 822". His first full solo release of new recordings since last summer's "The Warinside", "Neighbourhood Watch Revisited" was being recorded at PaperClip Productions, with Mike being joined on at least some songs by Din bandmate Brandan Glew on drums and ex-Din/Haggith bandmate Curtis McKenzie on guitar.

Current Release Status: I have no idea, but Mike is usually an efficient artist when it comes to recording and releasing solo material, and if there's a delay, he'll be honest about it, so it could be soon! However, Mike's focus in recent months has been on his band The Din, and if there were ever plans for it to come out on the 4th anniversary of the original's release, then that date has came & went. Still, Curtis revealed in this video that it's "steadily nearing the completion stage", so stay tuned for updates as they come in!
Mike Vincent's debut EP & "We're of Nothing"

Rumoured Songs (1): "Shoah" (retitled Skull After Betrayl cover), "Sacred Sins", "Six, Six, Six", "Systematical Satan", "Soulless Sanctuary", "Screaming Serenity"

Rumoured Songs (W): "Times Of The Unforgotten", "Chapters of No Light", "We're of Nothing", "Phases of Pain"

Background: After briefly manning his own solo project in 2011 (which featured original songs named after food), ex-Skull After Betrayl frontman Mike Vincent resurrected his dormant solo project this summer via his new Bandcamp page. Mike soon posted a series of six instrumentals there, all with titles starting with the letter S, which are planned to constitute his debut EP when finished with vocals. Mike followed up later with four unrelated songs that are planned for his second solo release, which would be a double CD album in length, with "Times of the Unforgotten" notably featuring his uncle Jason Ladouceur (ex-Winkstinger) in a guest spot. Some of the above information comes from personal Facebook page postings, as Mike hasn't made a new music page for his solo project yet.

Current Release Status: No idea, but given that he's posting songs on Bandcamp, a digital release through there seems likely when the songs are 100% completed and packaged as an album, at least in that form. Mike's past local bands haven't quite gotten off the ground in terms of putting out albums, but for fans of Skull After Betrayl, D.O.T.H., and so on, Mike's solo project should be very intriguing, and he's putting in some solid work in the process! Keep tabs on his Bandcamp page for further material!
Redundant's debut CD

Rumoured Songs: "Miles Apart", "That December", "What You'll Do"

Background: Over two and a half years after their last documented studio sessions in the spring of 2012, local punk trio Redundant revealed on their Facebook page in November 2014 that they were finally working on finishing their debut CD, and will look to hold a CD release party for it upon it's completion. Details are otherwise minimal, including on if the guys will just package their older studio work for the release, or include new recordings, perhaps at bassist James White's studio White Wreckords. We'll keep you posted if we hear more!

Current Release Status: Though we don't know much on the new/revived album plans, Redundant did sound serious about completing their CD. That said, Redundant have only played a handful of times in the last couple of years, and haven't made any public statements regarding the album since 2014. The band did resume public activity in March 2016, announcing that they were writing new songs and working on "new studio shit", but it's not clear how earlier album sessions would play in. If we hear any updates, we'll be sure to let you know!
Skeyes of Seven - Stare at the Sky

Rumoured Songs: "Enough", "See The Truth", "Fallen Faith", "Destination Unknown", "No One Cares", "Pretend", "Cognitive Dissonance"

Background: Already no strangers to the studio after recording their songs "Fallen Faith" and "Enough" as single in each of the last two years, local modern hard rock quartet Skeyes of Seven hit the studio to record their debut EP last year, though they only publically confirmed that an EP was in the works in January on their Facebook page. Sessions are ongoing locally at Deluca Sound Productions, who have shared videos of band members tracking material for the EP, but four confirmed songs were strongly teased in March via some cryptic Facebook photo postings. At this stage, it's not entirely clear on whether the band will include any other singles, but ex-drummer John Mignacca did record tracks for the release before moving to Sudbury last year. The EP title and newly confirmed song "Cognitive Dissonance" were unveiled last month on YouTube, but the band has focused on live-streamed Facebook videos since.

Current Release Status: No idea yet, but as of January 17th, Skeyes of Seven had only one more song to record before sending the tracks to be mixed & mastered. Hopefully this can see a release at some point, as Skeyes of Seven have arguably been more active in studio than in concert since their 2012 formation, but to be fair, they may be waiting until they announce their new drummer so it can be tied with their latest concert return. Also, no word on if the uncredited second guitarist in the aforementioned stream videos is an official band member, and if so, if he performs on "Stare at the Sky". Follow along to see where things go for their debut EP!
Telephone & Address - "Monster" & "The Early Tapes"

Rumoured Songs (M): "I Can Bleed"

Rumoured Songs (E): "The Plumbers"

Background: Telephone & Address mainman Chris Shoust announced on their Facebook page last year that he was working on releasing "The Early Tapes", a compilation of songs from the first 4 Telephone & Address albums (2011's self titled album, and 2012's "Live", "No. 3", and "Broken Head"). Since then however, he revealed that a separate new album named "Monster" is done, with an advanced copy leaked to him by AlgomA drummer Jamie Vincent, which likely hints that Jamie helped produce it. However, a later-recorded album, "Are You Now or Have You Ever", was officially released in October, despite "Monster" being announced a year previously. Songs from both of these unreleased albums can be streamed on their Soundcloud page, and they're likely to turn up on Telephone & Address' Bandcamp page and on Interpunk down the road.

Current Release Status: Chris has indicated online that "Monster" was planned to be pressed last month, and he blamed money issues for the delays in it being released, especially given that he originally indicated that it'd be pressed last year. Regarding the "The Early Tapes", Chris revealed in March 2015 that it "will be delayed for some time", though he didn't elaborate on why specifically. Assuming things go according to plan, Telephone & Address should have some big albums in the works, so we'll keep you posted when more on any of these comes out!
That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news soon, and for our next monthly feature post (this month's Defunct Local Band Profile) next week! Thanks everyone!

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LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (Gnaeus & Project 906), Brutally Fatal Updates, And More!!

I was expecting to have this month's "Where Are The New Albums?" post on the SMS next, but with SHORT NOTICE LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS hitting our wires last night, we better cover that before it gets too late! To round things out, we have one more new show for month's end, the latest from a band we haven't heard much from in months, and some assorted updates, so here's what you should know!

Sault Michigan-area blues/hard rock quartet Project 906 will return to the stage TONIGHT for a show at Pickles Bar & Grill in Brimley, followed by a show at The Strongs Tavern in nearby Eckerman TOMORROW NIGHT! Apologies for the extremely short notice, the band only announced the shows via their Facebook page yesterday, in their first public posting there in almost two months. No word on where Project 906 have been lately (or on if they played any unannounced shows in the interim), but it's great to see the Ten Kings successors back, and despite the late notice, hopefully they rock out to their levels this weekend! TONIGHT'S show will mark their first stop at Pickles since August, while TOMORROW's show will be their first in Strongs since September, so if you've missed Project 906 at either venue, here are your immediate options! Expect 10:00 PM-ish start times for these 21+ concerts, which don't have advertised cover charges. See the above links for more details, and here's Project 906 live!

Next up, we have some advance notice for this addition to your holiday season concert plans, as Tidal Records are hosting a special Boxing Day concert on Monday, December 26th at LopLops Lounge featuring three familiar original bands! Local post-punk quartet Gnaeus, indie rock quartet K.I.C.K., and alternative hard rock trio The Din will join forces for this rare Monday nighter on the 26th for what should be a fun night of fast-rising local talent! Also, if you recall these three bands' success in local battles of the bands, this may be extra notable on that level! For reference, this will be both Gnaeus & The Din's first LopLops set since playing separate gigs last month (a Movember fundraiser & the Johnny Two Fingers & The Deformities show, respectively.) A special $10 cover charge is in effect for this 19+ concert, which has a 9:00 PM start time, though no word on if the higher admission fee means that there will be any specific extras.

This should be a solid night of original local music, including some hard rock and punk flourishes to go along with four kids keepin' it cool, so visit the official Facebook event page for full current details!

Also today, here's the latest from Blood Shed Productions-signed death metal duo Brutally Fatal! The guys recently emerged from an 8 month hiatus from online updates to reveal on their Facebook page that their next album (entitled "Blood of the Devil") is late in completion stages, and is planned to come out later this month. Austin & Tyler have also indicated that a new EP-length release named "Social Injustice For All" is now also planned for release by February. I assume these would make it to their Bandcamp page when completed (where "The D.P.E.P." is available on a "name your price" model), but physical copy availability would likely depend on the next Blood Shed shows unless you directly contact members. Also, we're not sharing either planned album cover here due to potentially offensive imagery. This should be interesting for fans of the minimalist death metal outfit, especially given their recent stage hiatus, so keep watch for updates in that regard!

Finally for today, here's three shorter assorted news stories from the last while, and as usual, these are in alphabetical order by artist name:

  • New local alternative punk quartet A Dire Setback are looking for a graphic designer that can "portray our sound in art", and if they choose a winner (so to speak), they'll work our payment and also provide free tickets, backstage passes, and free promotion. No word on if this references band logos, show posters, album covers, or a combination therein, but if you think you can give A Dire Setback some solid graphics, message them above A.S.A.P.!
  • Local rap/metal band The Apocalypse Afterparty is again looking for a new drummer, citing that their last one (presumably "Sven Derful") "couldn't keep up", forcing a mutual breakup. "Songwriter" Paul Stanghetta (a.k.a. Puablos Stancu) noted that they're getting show offers both locally and in Sudbury, but are waiting until the official release of their debut "Bufflesnort" before playing, and they need a drummer first, with women preferred but men also considered. If you're interested in trying out, message Paul at this link or via his Musicians Wanted Facebook group post from Tuesday!
  • Blood Shed Productions' flagship goregrind solo project Crucify the Whore posted their newest original song onto the Blood Shed YouTube channel last month, as planned for their next album, though given it's title subject's criminal history and the obviously controversial nature therein, I won't embed the song here. Musically, if you love C.T.W.'s minimalist goregrind, you might want to check it out still, but keep in mind the subject.

That's all for today, but stay tuned for this month's "Where Are The New Albums?" post next, I promise! Thanks everyone!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (The 3 Day Millionaires & Tym Morrison), Weekend Concert Previews, And More!!

At last, the month of December is here, and the countdown to the holidays is truly underway! As such, another concert weekend is upon us, and while it's relatively quiet, there's some entertaining hard rock artists to take in over the next few nights, so read on below for previews of those, and some extra notes, but first, here's some SHORT NOTICE LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS!!

With his next shows at Gliss Steak & Seafood confirmed for TONIGHT, TOMORROW, and SATURDAY, we'll add prolific acoustic singer/guitarist Tym Morrison's December slate of concerts at this venue to our concert listings! Apologies for the short notice on this weekend's shows, we were waiting for public confirmation of them, which came this week via their Facebook event page. With the year coming to a close, Tym will cap off a busy 2016 at The Quality Inn's house restaurant with expected shows at Gliss TONIGHT through SATURDAY, as well as on December 8-10, 15-17, 22-24, and 29-31, so keep an eye out for all of these shows! No word yet on if the Christmas Eve or New Years Eve gigs will be extended or not held due to the holidays, but keep in mind that both are on Saturday this year. Also, no word yet on the Roadhouse Bar & Grill gigs teased on his personal Facebook page last month, we will keep you updated on those when they get a public acknowledgment (and no, neither was scheduled for this weekend.)

As usual for Tym's long-term run at Gliss, expect 6:00 PM matinee start times all month long, with no age limits or cover charges, but remember that this is a sit-down restaurant, and month-ending set times may be extended or curtailed given Gliss' holiday hours. Check the above links for more details, don't miss Tym's acoustic hard rock favourites TONIGHT until SATURDAY, and here he is live a few years back!

Next up, newer local classic/hard rock cover quartet The 3 Day Millionaires will once again rock The Rockstar Bar for one night only THIS SATURDAY NIGHT! Apologies again for the short notice, this show was only just announced by the band yesterday via their Facebook event page, though the venue's physical marquee board had previously acknowledged it. A one nighter due to The Rockstar Bar's involvement in tomorrow's 12 Barz of Christmas pub crawl event (which will have a live DJ), this will be The 3 Day Millionaires' first live concert appearance since Toystock, and first at this venue in two weeks. The Millionaires have been making a good impression on fans this year, and they should be in good form to rock out for fans on SATURDAY at the site of all but one of their current lineup's shows! As usual for single-band Rockstar Bar shows, there is no cover charge, a 10:30 PM start time, and a 19+ age limit. See above for more details, and here's The 3 Day Millionaires' current lineup live at Toystock!

Also, as a related aside note, the planned New Year's Eve show at The Rockstar Bar featuring The 3 Day Millionaires and new local punk band A Dire Setback has apparently been cancelled. A Dire Setback deleted the show's Facebook event page yesterday, citing "unforeseen circumstances" for why they're no longer playing, though they didn't go into detail otherwise. The possibility exists that they just dropped out of The Millionaires' show, especially as that band still haven't publically acknowledged it, and if that is the case, we'll add it back to our concert listings. Hopefully nothing bad happened with A Dire Setback, and that we see them soon!

Finally for this weekend's currently known concert previews, we'll touch on a pair of previously announced shows from Sault Michigan classic/hard rock cover quartet Highway 63, who will rock The Northern Pines Lounge at the St. Ignace Kewadin Casino TOMORROW & SATURDAY NIGHT! After playing just one concert weekend in November, the Monkey's Uncle successors are back in full force to end 2016 with their last St. Ignace shows of the year, so if you can't make their New Year's Eve stop at the Soo's Kewadin, don't miss out this weekend! As usual for their Kewadin weekends, expect 9:00 PM start times, no announced cover charges, and 21+ age limits for this weekend in St. Ignace. For more details, visit the above links, and here's Highway 63 live at this very same venue!

Finally, here's a new concert video from Sault Ontario alternative hard rock trio The Din! Filmed by frontman Mike Haggith's girlfriend Brandi Martel, and unusually posted on their Facebook page (typically the refuge for their comedic videos moreso than performance clips) yesterday, this is of The Din playing a new original song named "High Park" when they opened for 9 Lives & Counting at the aforementioned Rockstar Bar last week. The song sounds good and fits The Din's established sound (to be continued on their planned second CD), but the "oooooh" vocals are a little overdone to me. Also, if you missed this show, you'll have missed 9 Lives & Counting frontman Craig Burnatowski guesting with The Din on a song, which must have been a fun sight! Give The Din's newest original a look below, and stay tuned for more from them in the near future!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for this month's "Where Are The New Albums?" post next! Thanks everyone!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Renderware - "Renderware = Rock" EP Review!!

To close the month, it's time for our 89th monthly CD review at The Sault Metal Scene! With no new paid CD releases acquired for November, we're dipping into the archives, namely to take a look at defunct local alternative metal quartet Renderware's only EP  "Renderware = Rock"! As tied in with this month's surprise reunion of their successor punk band Talk Shit at The Live 705 Local Show, Renderware's only album was released early into their run on June 15th, 2004, though surviving details on it's original release are minimal, and remained that way even after the album saw it's Bandcamp re-release for it's 10th anniversary in 2014. Renderware are represented on this EP by singer and current stand-up comedian Jordan Foisy, Talk Shit bandmates Marc Lafrance & Adam Sauve on guitar and drums, fellow guitarist Thomas Whitney, and Adam's ex-Nebraska Arms bandmate Wayne Watkins (now of Northwest) on bass.

Note that we had considered reviewing an album by A Dire Setback frontman Larry Babic's old pop punk band A Fall From Innocence this month too, given that they debuted this month, but I only have their second album, so Renderware's debut won out on that basis (A.F.F.I. are still in the queue though!). Though long since out of print, "Renderware = Rock" is available on Bandcamp via a "name your price" model, but consider paying something to help support the guys' work! With six songs running at just over 12 minutes, let's kick things off for this review!

This EP begins with a 70 second "Intro", which features the raspy-voiced Jordan describing the band an their sound in largely spoken word while the band plays an upbeat and fast instrumental behind him. Renderware have often described themselves as "Motorhead meets Tom Waits", and the latter rears it's head here, but as it's an introductory track to set the mood, it doesn't have the substance of what's to come. Next is "The Halls", which at 2:59, is surprisingly the EP's longest track. It opens with slow and deliberate bass from Wayne with the band gradually filling in, eventually leading to a mid-tempo rocker that has a chugging riff and Jordan's first true sung lyrics, though still in his usual raspy and gravely drawl. The guitar work here is good and has a punk flavour, and the vocals do fit the material, but may be an acquired taste for some listeners. Still, this is a solid beginning though for fans of this unique quartet!

Third is "Washed Up Celebrity", which has a nice drum opening from Adam and a faster punk rhythm that genre fans will appreciate, but the verses are a little odd here, particularly from the often very artficial-sounding backing vocals and a verse cadence that doesn't always mesh well with the riff. I'd have dumped the backing vocals entirely, I don't find they add anything to the song. The brief guitar solo is a nice change of pace though, and punk fans should like this song while it lasts! Then we have "Baby's Momma" (spelled as "Babie's Momma" on MySpace), which is arguably Renderware's best known song, and one of their fastest yet. The song overdoes the drum fills during verses, and the break midway through where Jordan screams "Oh my baby's momma!" is an odd diversion, but this is a fun and catchy number that gets the job done musically, and I do wish they'd lengthened it a bit!

Second last on "Renderware = Rock" is "Breakin' Me Down", which is a slower, more hard rock-style number that doesn't play to the guys' musical strengths as well, but Jordan's singing is a nice & gritty match to the riff here, and the spoke word section where he talks with an uncredited woman does fit into the song a bit better here! The fade-out at the end comes out of nowhere, but in terms of structure and chemistry, it's an effective song with solid drumming and bass in particular! The EP closes with "Blue Collar Love Song", which seems like it wouldn't be a fit to Renderware's genre, but don't worry, it's no ballad! In fact, it plays like their other originals, and shares some structural similarities with "Baby's Momma", sans the mid-verse drum fills. The chorus is repetitive, but for fans of their gravely speed metal, it's a nice capper to their only EP, and plays it close to their comfort zone!

So, what are my final thoughts on Renderware's only EP? Overall, it is definitely an acquired taste compared to more traditional punk or metal bands, but if you can get into Jordan Foisy's raspy, Waits-esque singing, you'll get some enjoyment out of this one! While I admittedly found Renderware to have more of a punk influence than Motorhead, they have a good chemistry and talent levels, especially with Marc Lafrance & Thomas Whitney's solid riffs, Wayne Watkins' professional bass skill, and Adam Sauve's reliably aggressive drumming, and when most effectively used, Jordan's vocals were a unique asset to give these songs more of an edge! That said, the songs can have structural flaws that impct things more than they might otherwise given the songs' length, like abrupt endings, extensive drum fills, and odd backing & spoken word vocals. However, keep in mind that everyone in the band has grown and matured in music in the 12 years since, so don't be too harsh, all things considered.

On songs like "Baby's Momma" and "Breakin' Me Down", you get a sense of Renderware's enthusiastic punk/metal sound, and while those who can't get into the vocals may want to keep watch for Talk Shit's next concerts, I recommend giving Renderware a listen for a one-of-a-kind blast of speed punk, and it'd be interesting to see Renderware reunite at some point! I hope you guys liked this month's CD review, but what's coming next month? A new CD if possible, and again, if we can obtain Telephone & Address' newest album "Are You Now or Have You Ever" via a physical album or a Bandcamp posting, it'd be likely to end the year with! For the record, The Apocalypse Afterparty's debut "Bufflesnort" is now tentatively planned to come out early next year, so that's likely not next. If we have to dip into the archives next, the aforementioned A Fall From Innocence's second CD could still come next, given that A Dire Setback will be playing live next month, but nothing's official yet.

Regardless, look for a new CD review to close the year next month, and stay tuned for more news soon! Thanks everyone!

Monday, November 28, 2016

LOCAL CONCERT ALERT (The Band Camp Rejects), Id Iota Updates, And More!!

This will likely be our last news post of the month, and within, we're tackling some assorted recent notes, some recent updates and videos from a talented quartet, and first, let's start with a LOCAL CONCERT ALERT!

Newer and online page-less local hard rock cover quartet The Band Camp Rejects will return to The Rednecks Saloon for their first solo concert there on Friday, December 9th (which is next week!) Our source for the booking is the former Nicolet Tavern's marquee board outside of the venue, and while they also advertised The Rejects as playing there on Saturday the 10th, guitarist Mike Muto confirmed in a personal Facebook comment that they are not playing on the Saturday, so if you want to see them, come Friday only! The Band Camp Rejects are coming off of a successful Rockstar Bar debut this past weekend, and it'll be interesting to see how they continue to evolve as a band outside of the confines of multi-band events, like their debut in the spring at The Rednecks Saloon's relaunch party. This talented quartet will be on at around 10:00 PM next Friday, this is a 19+ event, and there's no announced cover charge. Check the above links for more details, and stay tuned for more from The Band Camp Rejects soon!

Next up, here's the latest from local alternative hard rock/punk quartet Id Iota! Last week, Adam Reeve of the British music blog Sounds Good interviewed an uncredited band member for this text interview, where they talk about Id Iota's influences and originals, their debut EP "Maudlin Fair" and it's fan reception, plans for their full length LP, and their opinions on the Canadian music scene and some favourite local bands. In terms of scoops, the band noted that their quiet stretch over the late summer was due to drummer Blair St. John playing with the Ceremonial Guard Pipe Band in Ottawa for a few months, while pre-planning for their full length CD is well underway. Material is ready for it, about 10 songs are planned, it's planned to be a culmination of guitarist Dustin Goodall's hard work in music engineering, their first ever music video has began filming, and a Canadian tour in support of it is planned too! No word on if this is the planned album cover or not, but it's been their Facebook profile picture since last month.

Id Iota seem to have things worked out well, and the interview is informative and a good read (though it does gloss over their earliest months a bit.) Give it a look above, and as for their most recent concert, here's a pair of videos from it, courtesy of their Facebook page! The first one is a 1 minute clip of Id Iota playing a newer original at LopLops Lounge on Saturday when they opened for ex-Pixo Control frontman Mike Mikus, and it's more of a laid back, lounge-style number that fans of Id Iota's slower songs will take to! Well shot, though sadly abbreviated, but give it a look below!

The other video was posted the evening of the show, and came too late to feature in a post at the time, so apologies for this being obviously late! This was a brief promotional clip where Id Iota, Mike, and his solo drummer Mitchell Harris each traded off one or two words to hype up the concert, a'la an improv game. Light but fun way to get the word out, and hopefully it got a few more attendees to take in Mike's solo project's live debut (and Id Iota), so give it a look below also!

Finally for today, here's three assorted shorter news items from the last while, and as usual, these are in alphabetical order by artist or event name:

  •  A local metal guitarist named Adam Fahrer is looking for a drummer to join his new original metal project, with influences including bands like Gojira, Alter Bridge, and Pantera. No public word yet on this band, but Adam's personal Facebook page features teaser postings referencing studio sessions, and I believe he's of high school age. If you're interested in trying out, message Adam at this link or via his Musicians Wanted Facebook group post from last week!
  • SooToday's Donna Hopper posted this interview/recap article from last week's fifth annual Toystock fundraiser concert at The Grand Gardens North onto the local news website that same day. It features remarks from organizer/performer Greg Simpson about the event's growth and purpose, plus some extra promotion (given that it was composed and posted while ongoing), while pictures of attendees, volunteers, and bands Mojo & The Elements were also featured, and in colour! Solid little article for this very charitable concert event, so give it a look above!
  • We have moved local metal duo Troubled Mind to our inactive links due to a year's inactivity. Successors to the former Skull After Betrayl, this band sporadically teased a variance of new material that they even said wouldn't make sense, but nothing has been posted to their Facebook page since their only video one year ago today. Mike & Adam had potential from their old bands, and it's a shame that Troubled Mind haven't accomplished what they had prior, but hopefully we see them again at some point!

That's all for today, but tay tuned for this month's CD review next, and much more next month! Thanks everyone!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

YouTube Channel Profile Series: matti7915, Anthems vs Oceans, and pearls666's Channels!!

Now's a good time for this month's YouTube Channel Profiles, as we're once again spotlighting 1-3 YouTube channels (three this month) whose content is at least 50% comprised of local metal, hard rock, and/or punk video content, be they from concerts or artists. This month's choices (all picked at random as usual) have given us a three-channel month again, as the first randomly selected channel only had a single video, as did the second, so we filled things out with a third for November. There's some missed and intriguing projects ahead via these channels, so read on below for this month's YouTube profiles!
matti7915's Channel (

Owner: Either ex-Dirty Virgin/Riverin guitarist Matt Clement or drummer Matt Hicks (I'd guess Clement, but I'm not 100% certain)

Channel Timeline: Launched on August 3rd, 2007; Only video posted on August 4th, 2008

Channel Summary: Matt's only upload here is a promotional video of his 2007-2010 glam metal/punk quartet Dirty Virgin, complete with a movie credits-style opening, a press quote, and 7 minutes of footage from their set at the Rock 2 Roll skatepark fundraiser concert at The Canadian Nightclub in July 2008. Featuring the band's original lineup (with the Matts alongside singer/guitarist Bobby Clement and bassist Lionel "Rocks" Quinton), the edited video features Dirty Virgin covering Joe South's "Games People Play", then playing their original "Take You Hard", before closing with a cover of The Sex Pistols' "Anarchy in the U.K.". This video & channel are admittedly now redundant given that these clips (and much more) were uploaded in full on Lionel's YouTube channel in 2009, but if you can get past that and the scratchy audio, you'll find Dirty Virgin rocking out well in their element, giving the Soo a then-rare dose of glam rock with good energy!

Anthems vs Oceans (

Owner: Anthems vs. Oceans founder and ex-idioRECORDS head Dave Hunter

Channel Timeline: Launched on October 16th, 2012; Only video posted on August 22nd, 2014

Channel Summary: Originally created before Dave's solo project changed it's name from For July, this channel only features Anthems vs. Oceans' expletive-laden "Emo Song". Fans of pop punk should take to this song, which was nicely recorded at idioRECORDS, and has a catchy upbeat riff, but other For July/Anthems vs. Oceans pages will have this song and much more available to stream (I recommend their MySpace page.) Also, note that this channel has seen no new media postings since the name change, and Dave has hinted since that he may explore different genres on new material, so keep those in mind.

nick kainula (

Owner: A Dire Setback drummer Nick Kainula, also known from prior bands like State of Misery, Stealing Kisses, and Unbound

Channel Timeline: Launched on July 10th, 2007; Only video posted on January 20th, 2013

Channel Summary: Though extensively used for personal playlists, Nick's only video is of his short-lived local hard rock band Unbound (later the second version of With Blood Build Character), whose public launch sadly came following the sudden death of singer Justin Fratpietro in January 2013. The only public video of the original Unbound is a jam session take of their song "Deep Waters", with Justin and Nick joined by Nick's ex-State of Misery bandmates Ray Cowan on guitar and Kevin D'Orazio (now of K.I.C.K.) on bass. Taking a darker yet more accessible slant than State of Misery had, the video is hampered by distorted audio, but Unbound showed decent potential here and a solid pre-existing chemistry, and it's a shame that they didn't accomplish more before Justin's passing (or after.)

I hope you guys liked this month's YouTube Channel Profiles! Next month in this series, we have randomly drawn ex-Nikkfitt guitarist Robert Ross' YouTube channel for our next profile, and though he only has three videos, they're all distinct and relevant, so look for that to close 2016 on or around Boxing Day! That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news and this month's CD review soon! Thanks everyone!