Saturday, March 28, 2015

Benighted Concert Video Showcase!!

As we get back into the swing of things after the battle of the bands, we have a special video showcase post featuring videos from a recent all ages metal concert, but be sure to check out our Saultites In Out Of Town Bands Profile on My Dear Malice in the post below this one! As you may remember, French grindcore band Benighted and Montreal progressive death metal band Bookakee headlined a well received show at The Oddfellows Hall exactly three weeks ago today, and in the process, someone on tour with the bands filmed eight videos from seven of that night's bands for the Montreal Metal Shows YouTube channel, as they've been doing for the duration of Benighted's Canadian tour, which is a nice bonus for local fans! The videos shot for this channel come from all of the bands at the Soo show, with the exception of newer metal trio Them (who played first), and while that was presumably due to timing issues, it does flow with Them's seemingly intended secrecy, with no posted media or online pages yet from them. We'll know more at some point, hopefully!

We'll touch on the videos of local openers Mike Haggith & The Din, Rotopsy, and Crucify The Whore in an upcoming post in order to spread them out, but let's go in descending order from that night with a look at headliners Benighted, whose filmed video at the local concert was of them playing their song "Foetus". Solid quality from right up close to the stage, and you get a good sense of Benighted's brutality and technical skill, with lots of moshing fans, but the audio is a bit muffled. Strong footage, so check it out below!

Next up, here's co-headliners Bookakee bringing their theatrical stage show to the Soo, with their filmed video being of their songs "A Night To Dismemember" and "Whorrific", which opened their 2013 album named after the latter song. It's somewhat odd that their video is on a stationary angle (maybe a band member was filming?), so it doesn't completely capture Bookakee's costumes or setup, but the relentless fast-paced songs come through fine, so give their songs a look below as well!

The highest placed local band three weeks ago were VM Radio Battle runners-up The Bear Hunters, whose filmed video was of their song "I Fear No God". Well filmed with much brighter lighting, this captures one of the guys' better new originals, plus a lively pit, so give it a look below!

Lastly for today, we'll feature the video of late-additions Bad Back, whose filmed songs were their original "Two Tongues" & their cover of The Refused's "Rather Be Dead". Is it ironic that the last four bands at this show had names starting with the letter B? Nicely filmed again and of solid quality, but Jamie & Nathan are oddly further apart than fans are likely used to from their sets, though it's worth noting that setup for The Bear Hunters' set appears to be ongoing during this video. Nice to hear Bad Back's grunge/hardcore hybrid on stage again, so give their video a look below!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for this month's CD review, the rest of the Benighted concert videos, and more in the coming days! Thanks everyone!

Saultites In Out Of Town Bands Profile: My Dear Malice

After a couple of days' delay due to battle of the bands wrap-up coverage, here's this month's Saultites In Out Of Town Bands Profile! As usual, this is our monthly profile of a metal, hard rock, or punk band that is based outside of our coverage range, but features a local musician in their current or past lineup, in order for readers to learn more about them and check them and their material out! This month's choice is a rising death metal/hardcore band from Southern Ontario featuring a familiar face from the Rosie metal nights' heyday, so here's what you should know!
My Dear Malice (Cambridge, Ontario)

Lineup: (Saultites in RED; ex-members in italics)

Jesse Furtado (vocals)
Cosmo Posch (lead guitar)
Nick Santos (rhythm guitar)
Jason Simpson (bass)
Kameron Nicholson (drums)
Nick Andrews (drums)

Official Facebook page:
Official Twitter page:
Official Bandcamp page:
Official Instagram page:
Official YouTube channel:

Local Info: My Dear Malice's only local member is current drummer Kameron Nicholson, who local readers will best recognize from his work with the defunct Central Algoma death metal band For All That Is Lost from 2010-2013! F.A.T.I.L. rose to local prominence in the early 2010s via many CASS Cafe sets, numerous Roosevelt Hotel metal night appearances, and opening slots for bands like Fuck The Facts, Biipiigwan, and Abriosis that fans are sure to remember fondly! Though F.A.T.I.L. reunions have been teased since their breakup, Kameron moved to his Cambridge hometown early last year, and joined his current band My Dear Malice last May. 

Band Bio: Launched in January 2013 by alumni of the older metal band Twisted Heroics, My Dear Malice soon began writing and recording original material, releasing their debut EP "Phantom" in January of last year. After founding drummer Nick Andrews left the band, Kameron Nicholson joined M.D.M. last spring, and the band began playing live concerts last summer. Since then, My Dear Malice have upped their concert frequency, recorded their new single "The Veldt" in studio, and even appeared live on local radio, with a CD release show for their next full release coming in May, so keep posted on band pages for more updates! Playing more of a deathcore hybrid sound than F.A.T.I.L. were known for, My Dear Malice have an energetic and heavy sound that should be up the alleys of fans of local bands like State of Misery! Strong varied music with some progressive touches and a relentless vocal attack, and it's impressive how they recorded an EP before ever playing live!

I like the mix of hardcore and death metal, and the guys all show clear talent (especially Cosmo & Nick on guitar), while Jesse's vocals are very versatile, and we all know how good of a drummer Kameron is! Hopefully My Dear Malice continue their steady growth, and it'd be neat to see them play up north at some point! Be sure to check the above links for their posted material, and there's a handful of live videos on YouTube as well, such as this video of M.D.M. playing their song "Dream Catcher" live last fall!

I hope you guys liked this month's Saultites In Out Of Town Bands Profile! Next month in this series, we're staying in Southern Ontario with a look at London metalcore band Our Place Or Yours, who feature Hiroshima Mutant Mindframe leader Matt Parr on guitar, so look for that on or around April 26th! That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news and notes in the coming days! Thanks everyone!

Friday, March 27, 2015

VM Radio Battle Of The Bands Recap, Fallout, And Final Results!!

Hey guys, sorry for the delay in this getting on the site, but videos took extra long (we'll elaborate on why in a bit.) Wednesday night saw the final round in the month-long VM Radio Battle of the Bands at The Canadian Nightclub, as the final four bands gathered one last time to compete for the top prize, though remember that due to my judging commitments and to avoid any bias accusations, I will not critique or review the bands' sets here, just recap what we all saw. After a random drawing, the first band on Wednesday was local genre-hating quartet The Apocalypse Afterparty (who won last week's semifinal), and they played largely the same set as before to another solid reception, but partly due to their night-opening placement, their fan response was far lower than before. RedD Monkey fans were pleased to see them cover "Fo' Dozen Cookies" at set's end, complete with Z & X swapping frontman and drum roles to facilitate that, and if you know X's alter ego, this will make complete sense!

They even sold bandanas at the battle, and gave the judges chocolate chip cookies, but did that help in the final total? Next up were week 1 winners The Bear Hunters, who broke out the extra camouflage for their set, as well as a new song named "The Dying Den" to join existing originals like "I Fear No God", but one lasting image will be the slaughter of assorted teddy bears during their set, with stuffing littering the floor! The name's not just a name, bears are indeed the enemy! The Bear Hunters also had the best fan response of the night, with one attendee even bringing a sign, but did that all help push them over the edge? Third up on Wednesday night were week 2 winners Mannapool, who had an improved placement to benefit their well recieved originals like "Beckoning" and "Way Home" that had arguably more of a presence of softer and slower songs than in the semifinals. Did Mannapool turn out the top scores in the final round?

For a second straight week, wild card finalists Gnaeus played last (lucky draw!), and they brought their garage/punk sound to the finals for a set of mostly originals like "The Curse" and the fan-requested "Numbers", plus covers of The Cold War Kids & Daniel Lioneye (fans of Viva La Bam loved that), and while they had a good reception and fan turnout, was that enough to tip them over the edge? After their set were most of the prize announcements, but we'll start by addressing the eight individual awards, which were partially announced between sets as well, and with all performers winning a certificate to go along with the main prize. The Bear Hunters were the only band to pick up two of these awards, with Mitch Sirie winning a Case's Music gear package for Best Guitar Player and drummer Johnny Belanger picking up a custom drum skin from Maxx Graphix for winning Best Drummer!

As for other performer awards, they went to non-finalists, with Haggith frontman Curtis McKenzie winning a new microphone from Right Hook Mics for Best Vocal Performance, while Honest Job bassist Jared Fridy won a Case's Music gear package for Best Bass Player (not bad for his first show with them!) He was the only award winner who couldn't attend the finals, so his bandmates accepted on his behalf. In terms of the separate awards for bands, Gnaeus won recording time with Tidal Records for Best Overall Song ("Circles" from their semifinal set), The Apocalypse Afterparty won a case of Bomb Energy Drinks and a Bomb t-shirt for Most Energetic Band, and in a bit of a surprise, classic metal quartet Project 421 won the coveted Budweiser/Marshall amplifier beer fridge for Fan Favourite Band! Even I wanted that one! As for the Most Enthusiastic Fan award, even that went to a competitor, with Danger Cats drummer "Calico" Katie Maskell winning the $100 Rad Zone gift certificate, as she was always at the finals cheering on the bands!

And now, to the grand prize winners, so who won this huge battle of the bands? I will say beforehand that first and second place were only separated by 2 POINTS, and like in Mannapool's second night victory, any little thing might have shifted the results in the other direction! It was razor close, but who took first place? Here's the final placements!

1st Place: Gnaeus
2nd Place: The Bear Hunters
3rd Place: Mannapool
4th Place: The Apocalypse Afterparty

For the second time in three weeks, GNAEUS have came out on top in a local battle of the bands, becoming the first band since Bring The Fallen in 2009 & 2010 to win two battles in Sault Ontario! It's not easy to out-place 13 different bands at two consecutive events, but in this hot streak, that's exactly what they've did! This talented young quartet won $1,000, a professionally produced electronic press kit and video from VM Radio, and a huge framed plaque to commemorate their victory, and if this doesn't help jumpstart their local run, nothing will! It's worth noting that they did win the battle after being the wild card last week, but as we saw with Haggith & the former Pesto Shirts' podium finishes two years ago, being the wild card is not a handicap, and it can be a motivating factor for a band in that spot to bring their A-game and show that they deserve to be there, which Gnaeus certainly did! Congratulations to Aaron, Brad, Matt, and Brendan on their battle victories!

The Bear Hunters' close loss may be disappointing, but again, they came within 2 points of their own second battle of the bands win, and this is far & away their best ever finish at a judged battle of the bands, so congratulations to them on that level (and I did save one of the poor slaughtered teddy bears so it wouldn't die in vain!) Mannapool surprisingly didn't win any announced awards, but with a strong third place finish and a huge impression left on many new fans, this can only help their exposure as they continue their local growth in 2015 and beyond! And The Apocalypse Afterparty's entertaining sets definitely gave a lot of fans something to talk about, no matter how familiar you were with them before, and even though they couldn't reach The Fury's old battle heights, they've made their mark! Overall, this was a great battle of the bands, and I was honoured to bear witness to this collection of talent this month! If I ever get the call to judge another battle, I'd be more than happy to sign on!

I want to thank J.D. Pearce (a.k.a. Johnny Pints) for having me on to judge this month, Dustin Jones & Rob Speers for their friendliness and insight as we judged the event, Donna Hopper for all of her excellent photos, Dan Nystedt for having me in for this month's Tuned episodes, everyone at Tidal Records and Village Media for their hospitality this month, and all of the above sponsors for making this event possible! And of course, thanks to all 11 of this month's bands for putting on such a great event, and to The Pixo Control for a great guest set during week #1, you guys would have been strong contenders had you been competing! I just hope I added something to the process, and if the opportunity arises to work with the organizers of this battle again, I'm all for it!

As seen above, Donna Hopper was on hand to take photos during the finals for this SooToday recap article, which includes an awards breakdown and remarks from Gnaeus members on their win, so be sure to give it a look! Her photos include 4 each from The Apocalypse Afterparty & The Bear Hunters' sets, 3 each from Mannapool & Gnaeus' sets, and 2 of The Bear Hunters' fans, with the rest coming from and during the awarding of prizes to winning bands and artists. All are great as usual, so be sure to check them out above! The new Tuned episode is online as well, but we'll hold that for an upcoming news post to give it proper emphasis, especially given the length of this recap post. As for our videos, I decided to film the first two songs of each band, as I did at the 2013 Rockstar Bar Battle finals, just to do a little something extra for each band to mark their finals run, so what did we film from each band?

In chronological order by set, here's The Apocalypse Afterparty covering Saul Williams' "List of Demands (Reparations)" and The Fury's "Rebel Scum", The Bear Hunters playing their songs "Dominate" & "Deception", Mannapool playing their songs "Mayday" & "Controlled Chaos", and Gnaeus playing their songs "Lacking" & "Walls"! That's all for now, but stay tuned for this month's Saultites In Out Of Town Bands Profile either tonight or tomorrow morning! Thanks everyone, and congratulations again to Gnaeus!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (Mourning Wood), Weekend Concert Previews, And More!!

Before we recap last night's VM Radio Battle of the Bands finals, here's this weekend's hard rock concert previews, including SHORT NOTICE LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS for TOMORROW & SATURDAY! We also have videos from last week's battle semifinal action, but just for full disclosure, this post was written yesterday and auto-posted at midnight, so there are no references to the final results or critical comments on the videos in question. Now, here's what you should know!

Local classic/hard rock trio Mourning Wood will be pulling triple duty at The Rednecks Saloon this weekend, as TONIGHT'S third weekly jam night will be joined by regular solo concerts there TOMORROW & SATURDAY NIGHT! Apologies for the short notice, bassist Steven Flint only confirmed the shows on his personal Facebook page on Tuesday, and the band hasn't updated their own Facebook page in two weeks. Busy stretch ahead for this talented trio, but Mourning Wood have always had a good relationship with the former Nicolet Tavern, and these jam nights must be getting a positive early response, so whether you want to jam with Mourning Wood TONIGHT, or see them in general on any of these nights, you know where to be! For reference, we'll add April jam nights to our schedule when confirmed by the band. These shows all have no announced cover charge, a 19+ age limit, and 10:00 PM-ish start times. For more details, click here, and here's Mourning Wood live last year!

Moving to previously announced concerts, local hard rock solo singer/guitarist Tym Morrison will return to The Harp Bar & Grill for solo acoustic shows TOMORROW & SATURDAY NIGHT! The last of the March shows on his calendar (though he's scheduled to play at The Harp through at least May according to his website), Tym's skilled and prolific hard rock covers should find another solid audience at the former Madison's Pub this weekend, so hopefully readers keep his latest Harp shows in his lengthy arrangement there in mind for their upcoming plans! Like usual for Tym's Harp run, there's no announced cover charges, you must be 19 to attend, and a 10:00 PM start time is likely. For more details, visit the above links, and for a preview, here's Tym at The Service Grill a few years back!

Finally for this weekend (barring additional late notice shows), veteran local party/hard rock trio Stiffler's Mom will provide the musical entertainment at a chili cook-off for a great cause on SATURDAY NIGHT at The Garden River Community Centre! The event may be atypical for a concert set, but this chili cook-off is a fundraising event for the annual Ride For Sight motorcycle rally for blindness research and prevention, which has been a great cause since it's local chapter began, and members of Stiffler's Mom have been ardent supporters of the event, so everything fits well that way! The chili cook-off aspect may be intriguing to some readers too, as I know many of you like chili, and it's also worth noting that Redundant frontman Justin Langlois and his wife Monique are among the competitors! Prize raffles are also planned for this event, which is ALL AGES, takes place at 5:00 PM (with Stiffler's Mom playing at 9:00), and it has a $20 ticket fee.

You can presumably pay at the door but you can buy advance tickets through Ride For Sight committee members or at local Scotiabank branches, though note that organizers are recommending that you get your tickets at Scotiabank, as the bank is matching all ticket sales that they take in,, which is an awesome gesture! For more details, visit the Facebook event page, don't miss the chili and hard rock action in Garden River on Saturday, and here's Stiffler's Mom last summer!

Finally for today, here's some new stuff from VM Radio Battle finalists The Apocalypse Afterparty! Remember again, this was written before the finals and auto-posted today, so it doesn't critique them or reference the final results. First, we can now confirm via personal postings and conversations that MPC/effects performer z (pronounced "zed") is portrayed by Amanda Brown, who previously led The Afterparty's short-lived Smokin' Heroines supporters group, but to keep with their stage presences and gimmick, we'll still reference her and other members by their stage names. Also, videos from their battle semifinal winning set at The Canadian Nightclub last week were posted on the Facebook event page this past Friday, so what should you know on them? Filmed by attendee Jordon MacDonald at different angles, the videos include two chunks of their set-opening cover of Saul Williams' "List of Demands (Reparations)" (here with intro, and here) and their version of The Fury's "The Crowd", though all are incomplete.

Embedded below though is 5 minutes from multiple songs late in their set, though no word on why the video was shot sideways for much of it. These capture the vibe and energy of the night well, but did The Apocalypse Afterparty finish first, second, third, or fourth last night in the finals? Visit Facebook to find out, and also stay tuned for SooToday and our recaps in the very near future, but for now, give Jordon's Apocalypse Afterparty videos a look above & below!

That's all for now, but stay tuned for our VM Radio Battle of the Bands finals recap next, and again, stay tuned to Facebook for results and fallout when available beforehand! Thanks everyone!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Local Metal Video Showcase!!

In our last post before TONIGHT'S VM Radio Battle of the Bands finals, here's a new all-video post for you guys on this Wednesday morning, including solo performance videos from two artists, live footage from a recent private event, and to kick things off, a new song from local alternative/hard rock quartet Haggith! With "Apocalypse II" now complete (though we await it's paid release), focus now shifts to their upcoming third "mainline" studio album "XIV", as the first full studio track from it is now live on their YouTube channel! It's for their song "Red", which is one of the newer songs for the planned album, and is being referred to as their "first single" from it. A short track featuring guitarist Daniel Horton on bass in lieu of Jordan Leach, it continues Haggith's recent up-tempo hard rock path, but as we do hope to review "XIV" in full in the future, I'll hold full comment for now. Give "Red" a listen below!

Next up, here's the latest from local goregrind solo project Crucify The Whore, who have been hard at work in recent weeks! The Tyler Gibson-led solo act has been campaigning recently to join the lineup of Montreal's Obscene Extreme Festival in August, and you can vote to help Tyler fulfill a longtime goal of his to play this event, so click here to show your support! C.T.W. are also teasing more split demos in the future with out of town grind projects, and two songs from the hinted split with North Bay's Scrotox are up on Bandcamp to check out as well! Most titles and the cover art aren't "safe for work" though, as it were. A sequel to last April's Dank Fest all ages show has also been teased, as have new material releases from many of his local music projects. Most recently, Tyler posted two new concert videos on the Blood Shed Productions YouTube channel this past weekend, both from a recent short notice private house party event, so what should you know?

The videos (one linked here) are of C.T.W. at a Weldon Avenue residence last week, though we won't give either's title here due to both being potentially offensive. Both are also short, and the audio quality is mixed, but they capture a lively fan response to the goregrind action in this more intimate atmosphere! Give the new videos a look above and before, and get more C.T.W. news at their Facebook page!

We'll close today with new solo guitar cover videos, including a few new postings from former For All That Is Lost guitarist Brook Moreau! Sporadic reunion teases aside, we haven't heard a ton from Brook since F.A.T.I.L.'s breakup two years ago, but he's recently began posting cover videos onto his new YouTube channel and on a Facebook page to compile them, so what's within? Two of his three uploads are of Killswitch Engage covers ("Take This Oath" & "Self Revolution"), but embedded below is his cover of August Burns Red's "Composure". He has a solid grasp of these songs, though the audio quality on the video is mixed. Still, give Brook's covers a look above & below!

Lastly, here's four new solo vocal/guitar covers from former Elipzis bassist/Nightmare Grin singer Ryan Harrison's new YouTube channel! A definitely diverse blend of covers includes renditions of Simon & Garfunkel's "The Boxer", Roger Miller's "Me & Bobby McGee", Outkast's "Ms. Jackson", and (as embedded below) Blue October's "For My Brother", which Ryan dedicated in the memory of the late Jake Rameau, who fronted the Muskegon hard rock band Lakeshore Drive before being tragically killed last year when trying to chase down a car thief. Great sentiment, and my thoughts go out to Jake's family and friends! FYI, the man responsible was found guilty a few days ago, Muskegon news sites will have more details. Ryan delivers nice performances on each video, and the emotion shows through when needed, so give Ryan's new solo postings a look above and/or below!

That's all for today, but we'll see you guys TONIGHT at The Canadian for the VM Radio Battle of the Bands Finals! Thanks everyone!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

VM Radio Battle Of The Bands Finals Preview!!

The end is coming ever closer for the biggest local battle of the bands of the 2010s so far, as the finals of the VM Radio Battle of the Bands at The Canadian Nightclub take place TOMORROW NIGHT! After three weeks of exciting action featuring 11 talented local rock bands and a quality guest set from The Pixo Control, the field has been narrowed down to the final four (fitting amidst March Madness), with each semifinal's winner and the highest scoring wild card back one last time tomorrow to compete for huge prizes, with numerous individual prizes awaiting bands and band members alike, so we'll known in short order all of this month's lucky winners! Like in past weeks, band order will be randomly determined, and the judges (Tidal Records' Dustin Jones, VM Radio's Rob Speers, and myself) will judge all four bands on numerous categories relating to their musicianship, stage presence, crowd reaction, and professionalism, but the stakes are ever higher, so who will come out on top? Here's some info on the final four bands in alphabetical order!

The Apocalypse Afterparty: In just their second ever announced public concert in the Soo, this local rap/metal/party rock quartet overcame stiff competition from Gnaeus, Mike Haggith & The Din, and Project 421 last week to advance to tomorrow's finals. Teasing an even crazier show built around the same setlist from night #3, can The Apocalypse Afterparty better "songwriter" Paul Stanghetta's two prior runner-up finishes with The Fury by winning this battle?

The Bear Hunters: The winners of 2013's Viva La Battle, five time battle veterans The Bear Hunters defeated Honest Job and Infamous three weeks ago to become the first band to make the finals this time around. Their death & groove metal originals have helped make them arguably the most familiar of this week's finalists, but can they come out on top in a judged battle of the bands for the first time tomorrow, and what kind of surprises might they have in store?

Gnaeus: Despite being the very last band to play in the semifinal rounds, local post-punk/garage wave quartet Gnaeus came within 4 points of winning last week, and earned enough points to claim the coveted wild card slot for tomorrow's finals. Three weeks after winning the fan voted Speak Easy Battle, Gnaeus will also be rematching The Bear Hunters from that same event, but will results repeat themselves in time for Gnaeus to win their second battle of the bands?

Mannapool: After an incredibly close round two weeks ago that saw 1st & 4th place separated by 8.5 points, local progressive rock quartet Mannapool edged out a victory over The Danger Cats, Haggith, and Stereo North to qualify for tomorrow's final round. Despite no recent local battle of the bands experience on their resume, Mannapool have impressed many in the past year, but can their technical rock originals carry them to first place by the end of tomorrow?

As previously announced via the official Facebook event page & this SooToday press release, there are plenty of prizes awaiting the top 3 bands plus in other individual categories, so what can be expected on that front? The first place band will receive $1,000 and more, while other great prizes to be announced await the bands on the podium. Individual prizes will include recording time with Tidal Records for the best original song, a Bomb Energy Drink package for the most energetic band, individual instrument packages from Case's Music for the best guitarist, bassist, and drummer, a brand new microphone from Right Hook Mics for best vocal performance, and a Budweiser Marshall amplifier beer fridge for the fan favourite band, while the most enthusiastic fan will win a $100 Rad Zone gift certificate. These and more will be handed out TOMORROW, with each prize winner also getting a formal certificate for their win (as seen here), so keep this all in mind!

Also, don't discount the possibility of a tie, given what all four bands bring to the table, and that we have seen ties in the final results of local battles before, most recently at The Grand Theatre in 2012. The chances are unlikely, but if we see a deadlock, the tied bands will play for an extra 10 minutes and be re-scored by the judges, so there would be a resolution!

It should also be noted that if The Bear Hunters or Gnaeus win tomorrow's final round, they'll become the first band to win 2 local battles of the bands since Bring The Fallen (who won 3 of 4 entered in 2009 & 2010), but they have very tough competition ahead, and nothing is certain. As this is the final round, admission will be $10 for general attendees ($5 for semifinal competitors that aren't in the finals), but if you already have a $15 pass for the whole month and attended at least two of the semifinals, you've saved money! Like in past weeks, everything will start at 8:00 PM tomorrow, and yes, this is ALL AGES! For all public and current details on the finals, visit the above links! I have been priviliged to take part in this month's battle of the bands, and I can't wait for tomorrow's final round, especially as I have no idea who will win and I'm very curious to find out! Me, Rob, and Dustin have had a blast this month with such quality music, and things will end with a bang, I'm sure!

Will The Apocalypse Afterparty's creativity and stage presence carry them to the top prize? Can The Bear Hunters lock up their second battle of the bands win with their ferocious death metal? Will Gnaeus overcome their wild card placement to claim their second battle victory in three weeks? Or can Mannapool's talented progressive rock originals conquer the competition tomorrow night? We'll find out TOMORROW, but as one last message to all 16 of the finalists: Bring your A-game! Leave it all on the stage, and come ready to rock, impress, and stake your claim! Best of luck to all of you, and may the best band win! Thanks everyone, and we'll see you there!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

YouTube Channel Profile Series: MrFortierg & SueInside1's Channels

It's now time for our monthly YouTube Channel Profile Series, as we're once again looking at randomly selected YouTube channels featuring at least a 50% ratio of local metal, hard rock, or punk-relevant videos among it's present content, in order to profile them for readers who might want to check them out! This month, we had planned to look at 3 channels due to each only having one distinct video type, but on further observation, the first that we chose had two distinct video types, so we'll only look at 2 channels today, with the planned 3rd channel (kennybekendam featuring 2 Treble Charger videos) will now lead off next month's profile. More on that in a bit, but now, here's what you should know!
MrFortierg's Channel (

Owner: Guy Fortier, owner of The Lavigne Tavern in Lavigne, Ontario

Channel Timeline: Launched on November 17th, 2009; Videos uploaded from March-August 2010

Channel Summary: Guy's channel is devoted to live concert videos from concerts at The Lavigne Tavern (outside of Sturgeon Falls) in 2010, with five of his nine videos coming from a concert there by local/Toronto Celtic punk quartet Dustin Jones & The Rising Tide on April 24th. The other four videos are of other artists that played there in mid-2010, though none are local acts.

Why You Should Watch: You should give Guy's videos a look for some entertaining videos of The Rising Tide from some of their earlier concerts from before the release of "Whiskey Will Be Our Sun", and while the quality on these videos is mixed (with muddy visuals and inconsistent audio), they capture Dustin & company's entertaining Celtic punk well! Also, give Guy's other videos a look to see other acts playing there that have talent in their own right! Note however that this channel hasn't been visibly updated in over 4 years, in case that changes your mind on subscribing.

Our Recommended Videos to Check Out:

rising tide 011.avi: Guy's videos of Dustin Jones & The Rising Tide's Lavigne concert in April 2010 include four of the band (then featuring Frank McCormick on drums) playing songs together, including their songs "Rising Tide" & "Molly Malloy" (as embedded below), as well as covers of Ben E. King's "Stand By Me" (with Sheldon Jaaskelainen on lead vocals & banjo) and The Pogues' "Streams of Whiskey". Though the quality is mixed, you can make out strong performances of these originals and covers from Dustin and crew, and it's nice to see fans dancing up front!

risingtide 016.avi: The most viewed video of Sheldon playing an energetic fiddle solo, complete with a jump up to the bar counter during it! Nice rousing performance that definitely seemed to please fans in attendance, and if you know Sheldon, you'll know that he's fiddling at his best!

SueInside1's Channel (

Owner: A member of defunct local/Oil Springs metal band Sue Inside, identity unclear, though the channel is credited to the band as a whole.

Channel Timeline: Launched on April 5th, 2012; Only video uploaded three days later

Channel Summary: Likely the intended official YouTube channel for Sue Inside (and possibly in place of frontman Shane Lipsit-Fraser's own channel), the only upload here is of the music video for "Caligula (Extra Cheese)", which marked the band's last major public activity before they fell inactive. Featuring their expanded Oil Springs-era lineup (with Shane and drummer Jeff Vogel joined by bassist/clean vocalist Adam Veen), the video is well shot and edited in black & white, and it captures one of Sue Inside's best studio originals with a catchy riff and great vocals from both Shane and Adam. It's a shame that Sue Inside aren't active at present to keep up this strong work!


I hope you guys liked this month's YouTube Channel Profiles! As previously mentioned, we'll now lead off next month's installment of this profile with kennybekendam's channel (featuring 2 Treble Charger concert videos), but to round things out for a full profile, we'll look at Jon Livingstone's channel (featuring three drum performances by ex-Pillory drummer Bret Shuttleworth) and Jurgenss88 (featuring two Woods of Ypres songs), so watch for all of them on or around April 22nd! That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news and notes this week! Thanks everyone!